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"The evolution of the Cybersecurity Landscape in Africa in the last 5 Years"

The Young Africans In Tech program would like to invite you to a session with Diana Waithanji.

Diana Waithanji is passionate about data security and creating user awareness in Africa. She is a Cybersecurity professional and an AFRIKA KOMMT Fellow at SAP SE. She has a background in software engineering and is currently based in Germany. She is a Technical Committee Member of two committees namely, the Software and Systems Engineering Committee and the IT Security Committee at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). In 2020, she received the Cyber Leadership Program Embodiment Award 2020, CyberSecurity Woman Barrier-Breaker of the Year 2020, Top 35 Under 35 in Kenya, Top 50 Women in CyberSecurity Africa 2020, Opportunity Desk Impact Top 30 under 30 in Africa, and Zuri Awards- STEM Category Nominee 2020.

Diana is also a cybersecurity researcher who has presented her work at international research conferences in Tanzania, Kenya, and Germany. She has also been creating awareness on CyberSecurity on BBC, Citizen TV Kenya, KUTV, Y254 TV, amongst others.

What will be discussed in the session?

For a long time, cybersecurity in Africa has been considered a luxury due to limited legislation on data privacy and protection.

When it comes to the perceptions of cybersecurity in Africa, Europe and the Western world has mostly only seen claims about Africans on the internet swindling money from unsuspecting victims via email and social media. This is set to change with the growing awareness of cybersecurity in Africa and the establishment of Cybersecurity laws by various countries in Africa, and more importantly, because the African Union (AU) has encouraged the African countries to set laws. Therefore, this talk will cover phishing attacks and the cybersecurity laws in Africa.

The event is open to all.

There will be a Q&A segment in this session so get your questions ready!

Date: March 16, 2022

Time: 15:00-16:00 CEST

Register for the session here!

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