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In May, SAP Women in Tech in collaboration with FemaleOneZero hosted a fireside chat about The Rise Of Women in STEM. This Fireside chat explored women in STEM in the MENA region, which According to UNESCO, 34-57% of STEM graduates in Arab countries are women and that is much more than in the US or Europe. To say the least, the event was full of captivating conversations and fascinating guests, and overall an insightful learning experience, so we thought, let’s bring it back again!

On October 4th, 4 PM CET, SAP Women in Tech and FemaleOneZero are back with another fireside chat, this time we will be focusing on the rise of women in STEM in India and Nepal, two very tech-savvy countries.

We have some incredible speakers lined up for you. Sindhu Gangadharan who is an SVP & MD at SAP Labs India, Devina Pasta, Head of Digital, Technology & Innovation, Cyber, IT – CDO at Siemens Mobility, and last but not least, Eeda Rijal, Chief Executive Officer & UI/UX Designer at Software in Nepal. Additionally, our very own Head of SAP Women In Tech, Christine Regitz, will be giving the opening note, and Natascha Zejiko who is the Co-Founder and Chief editor of FemaleOneZero will be the moderator.

For those of you who have come this far in reading my post, I am glad I have been able to pique your interest, but maybe at this point you are thinking that this all sounds great but what is a fireside chat? Well, this won’t be like any regular webinar or session you have joined in the past!

The concept of fireside chats began with the former US president  Franklin D. Roosevelt. He used this format to address his people, and update and inform them of the actions being taken by the government. Fireside chats combine a personal atmosphere and a specific topic to create an animated discussion, which makes the format very open to discussing any kind of topic without it feeling too formal. So make sure you don’t miss the event on October 4th, 4 PM CET on the FemaleOneZero LinkedIn page. The event will be held live, so don’t forget to follow the page and join the live conversation. I look forward to seeing you there!

Oh, and of course, no good post ends without asking for a follow, so you if want to see more updates and events related to SAP Women in Tech, make sure to follow me!

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