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Product and Topic Expert
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I bet that while you are reading this most of you will sit at home in front of your computer because that is exactly where you spent the past 13 months: in home office. Things in both, private and professional life have been changing massively over the course of just about a year. And many of these changes will stick with us, or even continue to further change the way we work, socialize, go on vacation or do business. Change is omnipresent and can sometimes seem overwhelming. But there are people who not only understand the complexity of it but also drive it for a sustainable and successful future. People like or colleague Kerry Brown from Atlanta USA 

Kerry is responsible for Transformational Change & Future of Work as part of the Global Customer Success organization in Atlanta, USA. She is the latest interviewee in SAP Women in Tech’s partnership with FemaleOneZero. In her interview Kerry provides some brilliant insights into everything related to change. She shares some advice for new talents and talks about what has changed in the past years when it comes to starting a career. But also sheds some light onto the biggest challenges she encounters as part of her job and why these are exactly the moments she loves her job the most. I have to admit what stuck most with me was her take on cultural change (like the one we are currently undergoing while working from home all the time). She stated that the way we listen and listening in general are crucial if we want to know how to change. And it does not matter if this means listening to your employees, family, friends or customers. 

The interview with Kerry is only one out of our worldwide interview series in cooperation with FemaleOneZero. Each month you can find a different interview with one of our great female colleagues from around the globe. All of them provide great insights into their jobs showing how diverse the work in a tech company like SAP can be.  In the past 9 months we have already covered quite some countries, reaching from Japan to Chile. 

You can read the full interview right here. And if you want to find out more about FemaleOneZero you there is also plenty of content.

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