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Developer Advocate
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As most of you may know by now, I am involved in the new look InnoJam (along with Craig Cmehil and Alex Graebe), which feeds into the six DemoJam finalists at SAP TechEd. No longer will DemoJam finalists be given months to build solutionwe’re taking in back to the hack!

That reminds me… Last weekend I was lucky enough to be part of and Judge the Young Rewired State’s final, the Festival of Code ( Basically this is a young persons hack, which takes place over a week, so a little bit longer that our InnoJam, but culminates in a final which shows how great all of the kids have done. Some teams have overcome many hurdles, from not working with each other before, to learning new technologies and coming up with an idea for a solution that can be judged in these areas…

  • Should Exist,
  • Good use of Open Data,
  • Quality of Code and
  • Great UX/UI Design!

And YES we had at least 4 solutions based on HANA Cloud Platform from the Students!

Back to InnoJam... Our teams will have 36 hours to build a solution based on SAP Technologies, that is a solution to a challenge that they will get in Las Vegas and Barcelona respectively. Only then can they be judged and maybe also have the honor of… getting ‘down with the kids’!!!

Check out more about InnoJam here, and be sure to register soon!