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SAP TechED Madrid is over. It was not yet over last friday because a number of community members were discussing the idea of getting together on friday and do some more knowledge sharing before everyone takes off. So at the moment this blog was written I was sitting in a meeting room in my hotel awaiting the other participants to show up, share, think, learn and connect.

My first attendance to SAP TechED

The first impression I got when walking into the entrance was “this is huge!” and it was huge. Since SAP TechED and SAPPHIRENOW were hosted together the venue was pretty large but overall it was properly sized, constructed and well managed.

This was my first TechED and my first SAPPHIRENOW and I will always remember them. There were so many special moments each day that make this event an event to remember. I got to meet the persons behind the twitter handles, the SAP Community Network team, the SAP Mentors, the Enterprise Geeks and many more.

After spending a whole year tweeting, messaging, mailing and connecting with persons who are active in the SAP community it was so refreshing to meet them in person. Social Media is not necessary a bad thing but nothing beats meeting in person.

Wonderful moments

I had so many wonderful moments: meeting everyone, the Innojam results, the Demojam results, being called on stage at Demojam, the Enterprise Geeks dinner, co-hosting the SCNotty Award Show, the Embracing Inclusion and Design Thinking event, the keynotes, the celebration night and so on.  

Embracing Inclusion and Design Thinking

One of the most intriguing events was definitely the Embracing Inclusion and Design Thinking event which touched me deeply and it didn’t only touch me. You can read the blogs Otto Gold wrote who was in the same team as me if you would like to find out more about his experience and our (team) experience:

Otto’s experience part one:
Otto’s experience part two:
Team blog:

Celebration night

The celebration night was one to remember as well. We were able to see Cirque Du Soleil which must be one of the best and probably even the best Circus across the world and Anastacia who has been through a lot and still is standing strong. I’m not the biggest fan of Anastacia’s music but she can sing and she is a special person. I really enjoyed celebration night and even found some of her song lyrics were inspiring.

One of Anastacia’s songs includes the title of this blog and it’s a strong message. One individual can make a change, can have an impact so you have to believe in yourself and you can even shout it out:

“You can’t stop me now”

More than ever before I'm convinced that being active on SCN matters.