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As the summer vacation is coming to an end, many of us are sending our kids back to school or for the first time.  School provides students with the opportunity to discover a new language, learn about their heritage, or explore the fabrics that assemble their world.  We at SAP TechEd know that adults are still entitled to a fun educational experience, and at the center of SAP TechEd's educational experience are our expert speakers.  This week, our featured speaker is yariv.zur, Director of Solution Management for Portal and User Productivity at SAP Labs Israel.

Before coming to work for SAP in 2004 as a UI developer, Yariv was an officer in one of Israel's elite military intelligence units and later employed by some of the most prominent hi-tech companies in Israel's burgeoning tech industry.  Yet, few people know that Yariv was also a successful freelance reporter and a screenwriter for on air TV shows.  Yariv testifies that one of the things he enjoys most about his job is the interaction he has with users and influencing their daily experiences.  Currently, Yariv is an SAP Mentor, and is passionate about building the business and value proposition for SAP HANA Cloud Portal, bringing together many of the current user experience trends (HTML5. Cloud, Mobile, and responsive design) to create great UX built from the ground up.

"This year, customers and attendees should expect a very cohesive story around all the different UI technologies: In previous years you've seen all these different UI technologies emerge - Gateway, HTML5, our mobile story, our cloud story, our portal story.  This year you'll see all these technologies converge into one cohesive story, both for on-premise and cloud." - Yariv Zur

Register for SAP TechEd Las Vegas and attend Yariv's Lecture: SAP HANA Cloud Portal – Deep Dive.

Speaking of fun educational experiences, here are some more cool facts about our SAP TechEd 2013 locations:

Las Vegas - Seventeen of the 20 biggest hotels in the U.S. are in Las Vegas.

Amsterdam - You may feel short in this city because the Dutch are the tallest people in Europe and they rank second tallest in the world (know who's first? comment below).

Bangalore - When calculating transportation time, keep in mind that Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in the world.

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