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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

"Drink more water."

"Get more sleep."

"Call home more often."

"Check your tire pressure."


"Update your profile picture."

We know we need to follow these advice, yet we put it off. At SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Amsterdam (and also in Bangalore), we've made the task of updating your profile picture as simple as 1-2-3.

Over 1,200 members have visited our SCN Photo Booth at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Amersterdam already. If you were one of these proactive members, you would have met many of our SCN team members while getting your professional photos taken:  jeanne.carboni, krysten.bradley2, gali.klingschneider, marilyn.pratt, oddss, laure.cetin, oxananoa.zubarev, patrick.flanders, nadine.ebertkuhan.milroy kuhan.milroy, anita.yuen, gail.moody-byrd, jeffrey.mandl and me.

At SAP TechEd in Bangalore, be sure to get your photo taken at the SCN Photo Booth, and meet moshe.naveh, aniruddha.khole jeanne.carboni, and marilyn.pratt. You'll receive special instructions on how to access your photos at the booth. The "SCN is 10" Wall will also be nearby, so please take a moment out of your hectic schedule to review the photos and videos of SCN from this past decade!

Why bother with a profile picture?

  • Build your brand - You've worked hard, and dutifully shared your knowledge on SCN. Your profile photo gives you that special presence and helps differentiate you from other SAP experts.
  • Personalize your engagement - No more 'shadow' profile pictures - you are a living, breathing person who has feelings, creativity, as well as the ability to learn and solve problems. When you share your comments, ask a question or post a blog, let others associate your contributions with an image of who you are.
  • Send the right message - When we see someone's profile picture we immediately establish an expectation of the engagement we will have with this person. What expectation are you setting when you have a professional headshot of yourself?

In Amsterdam, who could forget our professional photographer, Monika Wrba? Her energy and attention to detail made sure you left with a picture-perfect masterpiece of yourself.

Here is some of the feedback we've received at the SCN Photo Booth:

"This is a great idea, and wonderful service for SCN members and TechEd attendees!"

"I've never had a professional photo taken before (usually, I'm on the other side of the lens) - this makes a huge difference for my image and presence on SCN!"

"It is truly an honoured for me to have a photograph taken by a professional."

Take a look around SCN and see if you can spot members who have posted their professionally taken headshots on their profile page. Then, send them a Direct Message complimenting them on their lovely photos! :smile: It would mean a lot to them.

Did you visit the SCN Photo Booth at SAP TechEd? What was your experience?

Did you miss out on the photo opportunity because you were in sessions or did not go to TechEd? Please add your comments as well and tell us who's photo you like.