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Of all the big trends this year, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest growth areas. IDC predicts that in just two years, 40 percent of all digital transformation initiatives, and 100 percent of all effective IoT efforts, will be supported by cognitive/AI capabilities. As machines get smarter, so are the companies using AI to build relationships that delight customers and generate revenue. It’s easy to understand why excitement is growing about the SAP Application Intelligence Program, which fast-track partners that add intelligence to SAP applications.

AI was among the many innovations at SAP TechEd Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to talk with Donita Prakash, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partners at CustomerMatrix. In this VIDEO interview, Prakash demoed how data leads to insights powering exponential growth.

“We are so excited to be working with SAP and their AI partner program,” said Prakash. “It’s opening doors and conversations around data, and how our data can be augmented with the client’s internal data to work together in a strong partnership.”

A rising star in the financial services industry, CustomerMatrix has pioneered an AI engine in the cloud called Opportunity Science that delivers data from the customer’s SAP system as well as other external sources. Using these insights, sales reps at banks and insurance companies can immediately plot the fastest route to connecting with important decision-makers across their prospect and customer organizations.
“We can learn more about transaction histories and what’s going on at the bank to help their clients be more effective,” said Prakesh. “Clients dynamically receive refreshed market knowledge, customer insights and action alerts to continuously detect and capture hidden sales opportunities.”

On the surface, AI may be about technology but underneath it’s powering connections between people to build more mutually beneficial business relationships.

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