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Former Member

This year for the fourth time I am lucky enough to be attending SAP TechEd, for me absolutely the highlight of the year. In this blogpost I'd like to share why that is.


(photo by phil.loewen )

This will be the third time for me participating in the InnoJam. A great way to get to know new people, learn the basics of Design Thinking, gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technologies, connect with product experts, etc. etc. etc. Over the years the InnoJams seem to attract not only developers but enthusiasts in all areas. And rightfully so! Solutions are not built with only developers. It's a team-effort where everyone has its place. Designing the UI, making a cool presentation, coordinating the team, building code. All is part of InnoJam and only by having a balanced team you will make the best possible solutions.


DemoJam is always a great way of concluding the first day. Grab a beer and be amazed by the great demos the contestants came up with. Last year for me was the best DemoJam ever. The demo from KeyTree blew me away. But also the other entries are really worth checking out (full replay here). This year's DemoJam line-up also looks very promising!


Organized by the godmother of SCN, marilyn.pratt, these events are always a highlight of TechEd for me. During TechEd you absorb a lot of information about SAP products while these seminars provide something for the softer side of the mind which may help you in your daily (professional) life. Find more info about FailFaire in Marilyn's blog and the agenda. I am happy to be invited as a facilitator. The event will be held on Thursday starting at 20:00 in RAI L12 (Elicium).

First time as an SAP Mentor

This year for the first time I will be experiencing TechEd as an SAP Mentor, sporting number 500! The biggest challenge will be to build an agenda and attend all the sessions I really want to AND find time to connect and network. For some part I will have to let go the schedule and "go with the flow" which is OK :smile: I will be focusing mostly on enterprise mobility topics but - by nature - I will try to get informed about all relevant SAP-topics. I am looking forward to connecting with a lot of new people, both at InnoJam and during TechEd. Please approach me and share your TechEd experience!

Being one of the 5 dutch SAP Mentors (twan.vandenbroek2, jan.penninkhof, fred.verheul & ronald.konijnenburg being the others) we will also be promoting the foundation of a developer focusgroup for the VNSG (dutch-speaking user-group). We are looking for interested (dutch-speaking) developers for whom this may be interesting. Please hook any of us up to get more information!


First time hosting an Expert Networking Session

As Mentors we are invited to host Expert Networking Sessions which is a great way to share knowledge and network with peers. I will be hosting 2 sessions (EXP10847 on Tuesday 16:30 in Lounge 3 (Hall 😎 & EXP10846 on Thursday 15:00 in Lounge 1 (Hall 8)) about the future of SAP Developers. I hosted a similar session at the SAP Inside Track in the Netherlands last year and the discussion that we had at the end was awesome. In this interactive session I would like to discuss future paths of developers and how to make that next step actually happen.


You'd almost forget that there are many many many great sessions and hands-on workshops scheduled which will get you quickly up-to-speed with the latest innovations and products. As said my agenda is the biggest challenge. There are some sessions that I really don't want to miss such as MOB260 (Mobilizing SAP HANA with SAP Mobile Platform) & CD168 (Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5). I really like the fact that all sessions are already available in PDF giving me ample time to read up on the content.

If you read my blog so far, please approach me on the floor and get a sticker :razz:

Now hopefully my children allow me to get some rest before starting InnoJam on Sunday at 9:30 :smile:

See you at TechEd!