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In my spare-time, I am an adjunct Marketing professor for St. Joseph's Unversity in Philadelphia. I teach a lesson around goal setting and the need to set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable,realistic and time-based) in order to implement any type of campaigns. Those of you that work with me in my capacity of social media lead in North America know that my first response to any social media idea discussion.

The goal of the social media hub is to simply make the SAP TechEd Las Vegas experience the best that it could be during the event for all attendees. This goal is very specific, measured in the number of inquiries we handle and the positive sentiment, is very attainable and realistic and is certainly time-based.

I was not on the planning team for this first-time initiative. However, from my vantage point, the three ways that this social media hub supports the customer experience goal is by:

1. Easy Access To Social Media Experts. At any given time you can stop by to ask executive-level questions such as, "why does social media matter?" to "what too, do you use to send social media messaging". It's a great opportunity for you to see how you can leverage SAP or learn something social that you can start using today (e.g., what is it about those hashtags?)

2. Customer Service Central. The customer service hub IS the social media hub! The social media hub monitors and responds to any inquiry ... quicker than a phone call! So, please use this tool if you have any question.

3. Understanding How A Highly Regarded B2B Social Media Program Operates. I can tell you from my recent speaking engagement at Social Media Week Chicago that the word on the street from the outside B2B world is that we, SAP, are ahead of the curve with our social media strategy and execution, which at the end of the means that we are well-connected with our customers and ecosystem. 

I encourage every customer, Partner, SAP employee or attendee to stop by to get a peak under the very impressive social media engine! Ask questions to understand how our social business works and how SAP is here to support your needs. This hub is by no means a war room, mission control or anything other than an extension of our brand to give you a SMART experience at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.


Director, NA Docial Media Marketing