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This is my 4th year in TechEd Las Vegas and combined 7th TechEd. I've been lecturing, running hands on sessions, presenting at show floor booth. But I never had an experience to have 3 days of direct interaction with developers and technology geeks on the code at the TechEd show floor. Closest experience to it was being an expert at InnoJam 2012. So I'm thrilled to be there.

Mini CodeJam this year has a long menu of technologies to try. I'll be there to help you with building componentized web UI for your HANA app that can be easily mashed up with other HANA content to create beautifully looking applicative and analytical sites. How? HANA UIS comes to help. HANA UIS stands for HANA UI Integration Services and was well described by my colleague winfried.wenisch in his blog.

This is how HANA UIS based Shop Managers app by our partner Intenzz looks like:

You can learn more by joining me at Mini CodeJam area at a TechEd show floor or doing one or more of the following:

  1. Join the following TechEd sessions:
  2. Check overview presentation
  3. Watch the tutorial videos on SAP HANA Academy
  4. Download latest edition of SAP HANA developer edition (SAP HANA SP6)
  5. Join OpenSAP course to learn more and run the exercises
  6. Learn more by reading the documentation and comprehensive developer guide / latestenhancements
  7. Share your feedback with the SAP HANA developer community

See you at TechEd mini CodeJam!