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SAPPHIRENOW Orlando is just over… SAP TechED 2012 is just around the corner… It’s time for you to start thinking about competing at the SAP TechEd 2012 Demo Jam.

Whether you want to become famous or you want to genuinely share your knowledge and talents with others, Demo Jam is the stage for you.

Demo Jam is not new but we always try to bring something new every year.

So, what’s new about this year’s SAP TechEd Demo Jam?

We have changed the rules. Although we love to see SAP employees at the Demo Jam finals, we want to see more non-SAP employees competing on the finals’ stage. To increase the number of non-SAP finalists and encourage partnerships, SAP Employees can only compete on stage by teaming up with a customer or partner. Only employees at customers or partners can enter Demo Jam submissions.

We will allow more InnoJam winners. There will be between 5 and 7 competitive finalists at each SAP TechEd Demo Jam final. Among them, 1,2, or 3 might be winners of previous InnoJam events.

We might also decide to showcase one or more SAP demos on stage during each Demo Jam final.  Such showcases would not be part of the competition. They will be invited on stage to show off exciting SAP projects.

With the recent launch of SAP Developer Center it should be easier than ever for anyone outside of SAP to get their hands on SAP software.  As we ramp up the Developer Center, more SAP software will become available. This should encourage creative ideas, which we hope to see during the Demo Jam finals. We hope that many of you will leverage the Developer Center to sign up and enter Demo Jam submissions.

This year ought to be magical for developers! Get your creative juices going and start to imagine your demo right now.