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Community Manager
Community Manager
Are you planning to attend SAP TechEd Bangalore in a few weeks? Have you been sitting by patiently, waiting for my blog post telling you we're ready to award you your badge? Well, it's that time now!

If you have already registered, you can now get your “I’ll Be There” badge in SAP Community.These online badges allow you to see who else in the SAP Community is going, and to plan to connect with other community members while you are at the event.

If you are newer to the community, you’ll find that participating in this mission is a fun way to initiate in-person connections with community members you’ve been engaging with online. If you’re already following each other, you can DM (direct message) each other and set up a time and location to meet at the conference.

Due to the “just in time” arrival of this mission and badge, and to ensure that we follow proper privacy protocol, we are asking you to put a comment on this blog post to request your badge. As a prerequisite for receiving the badge, you must be registered for the event.

We will do our best to turn the badge requests around quickly, but please have patience with us; it may take a day or two to see yours on your profile.

If you ARE going to be at the event in Bangalore, please come by the Community Lounge on the show floor and find my fellow Developer & Community Relations team members. I'm sure they would love to say Hi.