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That Quote is from C.S. Lewis, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  I read it and thought to myself - yes, this is Teched.  There are so many different things to learn.  Some you might know about and some you have no idea they existed in the SAP world.  So take some time and don't just pull, but yank the door open.  You'll never know what you might find.

Today is my day to write in quotes.  After I saw the perfect one, I thought - Oh yes, I can continue doing this.  Basically my real point is to take the time to virtually watch at least one session.  It will be worth your time.  Most of them are recorded as well.  That's the point now for the rest of the blog.

Ever tell a friend, a relative or someone who just could care less about SAP; something you did at work.  Yes, they may pretend to be excited for you, but we are excited!   "We're all mad

here.  I'm mad.  You're  mad"  Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.  We all are a bit crazy.  It's our jobs to be.  We think up wild and crazy ideas and then make them work.   This conference will give us some of the tools or at least an idea on how to make it work.  In the meantime, you'll see people who are "mad" just like you or me.  mad = crazy

Knowledge is an amazing thing to have.  More options open up on how/if something can be done.

  • "Shifu: If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are.

  • PO: But I like who I am!

  • Shifu: You don't even know who you are" -Kung Fu Panda 3

Do we know what we can do?  Really, do you?  You'll want to stretch yourself to do better.  That means learning more.  Learning constantly to improve on what you do and how you do it.  You get it by now - that means SAPTeched will give you a starting place.

And last but not least, as you listen to these sessions, and think to yourself you know an easier way to do something.  First I would encourage you to pose it as a question - second always keep in mind:

"Knowing is the easy part; Saying it out loud is the hard part"  - The Horse Whisperer

Back at you - Any quotes that you know will work?   Any additions to the quotes I added?  Are you going to Teched?  My virtual bags are already packed.