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SAP TechEd Bangalore has kicked off today and the day went much planned for me than earlier TechEd’s. Before jumping on the details of the day, the change this time was the registration process looked more streamlined and organized compared to the last TechEd I had attended.There was no hard copy of sessions conducted on the three days as it has all moved to online agenda. This is a welcome change. Though the disappointment was the attendees still had to bring the hard copy of the registration to get the badge printed. The day could have saved close to 10,000 or more papers had the mail yesterday not said in red bold letters that hard copy was mandatory for badge printing. 

The most important learning to me from earlier experiences was to wear zero heel shoes and dress as comfortably as I could. This would help one attach less importance to self and get through the day as smoothly as one could. I’m actually very pleased that there were not much queues that I had to get in today most importantly for food and registration process. Kudos goes to the organizing team! 

The day began with Dilip Kumar Khandelwal addressing the crowd opening his speech with some questions around the pain points the people of Bangalore have. Well, the same could be generalized to the other cities of India like huge traffic, waiting near the toll booths while entering and exiting most of the highways. I’m not sure if he mentioned air pollution or not but this is among the biggest concern that most of the Indians have currently. I had expected him to follow the pain points with one of the recent technologies as to how it’s helping to remove the problem but it ended leaving to the user’s anticipation.

Bernd Leukert delivered the keynote. This was my first TechEd in which the keynote was accompanied with a live demo on every latest or not-so-latest technology announced. Without an iota of doubt the keynote was brilliantly delivered. Startups, digital transformation, disruption, IOT, developers, big data were among the opening words of his speech.
He started the note with a great news for developer community regarding the free availability of SAP HANA express edition with 32 GB of data. This is great news. The current HCP trial offers 1 GB of data.

The announcement was followed by Ian showing a demo as to how did a concert organizer benefitted his business by using express edition. He had analyzed the data to find the optimal places for organizing a festival in the country.

Acquisition of Altiscale for managing big data systems in cloud was highlighted!

SAP BW/4 HANA was the next among the list of technology announcements. It again comes with three choices of being on premise, cloud and hybrid. It helps in building an immediate comprehensive prototype and not taking much time as in usual cases.

The demo shown for this belonged to a bicycle seller with Hadoop data integrated into the system.



The next interesting news was there are currently 3700 customers on S/4 HANA with 1300 running implementations which are already live or are going to be live shortly. It was actually thrilling to see a live demo on ECC to S/4 HANA migration. Well, things start making sense when words like “helps to check initial upgrade” from ECC to S/4HANA migration.

Fiori 2.0 was announced with added features like now it’s completely integrated with transactions like VA01. The added features include adding notes in sales document, much like what we do with GUI controls in the current screen. Well, this is how my mind interpreted it and I could be wrong.

Juergen Mueller joined Bernd on stage with a presentation on Machine Learning. Well, this was the time when my watch and mind had alerted “Stand and walk for a minute”.

SAP HCP and IOT were next in the list. I must say IOT was detailed in the best possible way with Tanja Rueckert joining the keynote remotely. Ian showed a demo connecting coffee machine with the system monitoring the temperature of the machine.

   Keynote ended with a note of thanks to the SAP Community Network.

Keynote was followed by partner keynote from Lenovo.

After the keynote session I followed my agenda and went straight to the codejam area. The topics I attended were “Build SAP UI5 mobile apps with SAP WebIDE and SAP HCP” and “Getting started on the mobile services of SAP HCP”. The sessions were good. When the instructors are well prepared the chances of each attendee finishing their applications are high.

There was a long queue for the hands-on workshop on ABAP Today. The fact that many waited in queue for the session and few left within the first thirty minutes indicates there was something wrong with the session planning. The instructors were good but they would have managed the session of up to 10 people. With a session having approximately 50 attendees a better planning is required. I must say I’m not satisfied with the way the session was conducted.

Well, beyond this the highlights from the session were advancements in ABAP 7.5 like SEAM, Inline declarations, table expressions to name a few. I’m looking forward to read the contents of DEV265 in detail for the same.

Demojam followed towards end of the day. Congratulations to Team Alexa for winning the contest. 

The personal highlights from the day was meeting fellow mentors, Vitaliy and Somnath.




Now I'm trying to keep my energy levels high for tomorrow!