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The Big Easy is New Orleans. I'm a detective. Train rides beat airports and airplanes. That's the summation of the case.

ASUG on premise

I know that onsite conferences have dwindled and morphed to be something other than what we had in the past. I always liked the smaller ASUG conferences as we could go to different venues and locales (even Chicago in the winter has its charm). Orlando I got used to but don't miss it that much, I miss the people and the networking.

As back history, search for the Clue Train Manifesto and then maybe check out blog posts from 15 years ago when we thought nothing of boarding a train and invading each others personal space for hours.

Meanwhile, the ASUG Tech Connect in New Orleans event has me thinking Arlo Guthrie, Woody Guthrie, and a whole bunch of Cajun roots music. We have tickets on the Amtrak from DC to New Orleans, and will be hanging around there through Halloween, then while TechEd 2023 happens, and staying through until the ASUG conference by the Big Muddy.

To Berlin on Deutsch Bahn When TechEd Was There

We rode in 2008 and in 2009. Not sure about 2010 as I didn't have international travel funds (I went to various TechEds outside the US on my own dime/0.1 euro.




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was posted barely a decade back but even that recent the bit rot sets in. That was New SCN, long like New SAP Community!