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2016 is a BIG year for SAP TechEd and I am honored to be participating as a speaker for the first time. First of all, I would like to thank moya.watson and tammy.powlas for the invitation to participate on this year's SAP TechEd - an event full or energy, innovation and amazing brains within our world.

As Moya mentioned on her blog, it is not just content but people and their drive to share amazing knowledge. I would like to quickly share some insights of my efforts about how to develop SAP Fiori-like applications in HANA. I have been extremely close to custom application development since I started my journey on SAP HANA on SP5 (3+ years ago) I have been close to the developer guides, openSAP courses, youTube videos, HCP podcasts and using HCP tral account as well as just figuring out things on my own time.

This year I have written several blogs such as:

1) how to use CDS in HANA to create tables and models (series)

2) how to expose CDS views via OData

3) my Pain Points while creating a custom Fiori app on HCP

4) how to use Splash / Build and

5) how to import your project into the Web IDE

just to mention a few, and NOW... it is all coming together as a presentation to SAP TechEd in Las Vegas on September 19th - 23rd.

Please, check out the blogs and start thinking about your questions - go ahead and bookmark my session - see you in Vegas!!!