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A part of me wishes I could say "I just came back from Amsterdam's TechEd" but thats not the case. I even played with the thought of going to TechEd Vegas instead..but only for a brief moment I just couldn't do that to my wife, not 3 weeks before her due date. :smile: So I had to pass this year as our sweet little daugther Emily was born on Halloween. TechEd is an awesome event but I think we agree it won't trump to miss a newborns first days. So as I had nothing better to do as being up all night anyways I decided to watch some of TechEd's online published lectures.

One of those I watched was Enhanced Support for SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA by  Storm Archer.

Composite Providers

One particular interesting topic in that session was the CompositeProviders on HANA planned in SAP BW 7.40 SP5/6 which becomes a (or even the) new feature element in BW.

The idea behind is that you do not have to build all different elements in bw that are currently required. The CompositeProvider allows a drastic consolidation of the former objects depending on your business scenarios.

This provides a lot more flexibility and requires a lot less layers in your datamodels.

CompositeProvider in 7.4 on HANA (SOURCE)

With the result of a lot simpler modelling on the LSA elements that you currently only build for performance reasons and now become obsolete. Those currently all only cause a lot of cost and overhead maintainance and are often just build to stay in the concept. I guess it allows now to apply more common sense on where it actually doesn't make sense from a dataflow perspective not to add an additional  InfoCube or other BW object.

A single DSO to an InfoCube or even a DSO can be hit directly with a CompositeProvider now. At the end of the day this will lead to a lot less Cubes in the BW datawarehouses.

Also new the CompositeProvider handles  joins and unions of BW objects that can be done with a graphical modeller based on a Eclipse UI instead of the SAP GUI.


See you next year at the EMEA version of Teched..