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Update: the list of DemoJam finalists for TechEd Las Vegas can be found here.

The finalists for TechEd DemoJam in Las Vegas, Madrid and Bangalore have now been chosen! The selected teams will now receive coaching from SAP experts on how to turn a great piece of software into a great on-stage show. Great tech and a great show are the two sides of the TechEd DemoJam coin!

TechEd DemoJam will take place on October 16th in Las Vegas, Nov 13th in Madrid and Nov 28th in Bangalore. Each DemoJam will showcase about seven demos competing for the coveted title of SAP TechEd 2012 DemoJam Winner!

Each demo is presented live on stage by two members of the team who created the demo. Demos are limited to 6 minutes, only running code, no slides allowed, no mocked-up back-ends, no fake UIs, just plain running code demonstrated live. It's a high flying trapeze act with no safety net, and with the ropes of the trapeze untested. Lots of sweat and stress on stage, lots of fun for the audience. 

This year we received 84 submissions across all three locations. In addition to submissions from SAP partners and customers, we also received a good number of submissions from SAP employees demonstrating jointly with customers and partner. All submissions were assessed by a selection committee sourced from across SAP. We are very happy with the quality of the demos that will be shown on stage and very excited about seeing the final result on stage at TechEd!

The winner of the InnoJam event that takes place at each location (InnoJam Las Vegas, Madrid and Bangalore) right before TechEd will also compete at each DemoJam with a demo that did not exit one week before. If you did not submit a demo to DemoJam, here's your chance to compete and shine: join your local TechEd InnoJam event, build an app in 30 hours non-stop using Design Thinking and a range of SAP technologies presented to you by SAP experts, and win!

Each DemoJam will also feature a demo from SAP, lifting the veil on exciting new technology and applications being worked on at SAP.

Expect to see lots of demos based on HANA, but also NW Cloud, SAPUI5, ABAP, CodeExchange, Sybase Brand Mobilizer and SAP Business Objects technology. Also expect toy trucks, 3D goggles, and presenters so young we had to create a new role: the TechEd chaperone!

Make sure you do not miss TechEd DemoJam! This is an experience that no online video replay can match or even come close to.