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Finally TechEd Bangalore 2013 is going green or hi tech. I went to collect my badge today and was pleasantly surprised to see NO BAG.

Well for a change I was looking forward for TechEd Bag this year to replace my 6 year old companion my TechEd 2007 bag.

Here is a picture of the well worn workhorse which has stood the test of time.

The other big surprise was a small white box with a goodie. Opening it I get a bottle opener (will be useful tomorrow night party?).

Hold on it is actually a memory stick with the entire conference material (interestingly not pdf but pptx files) including all lecture and hands-on sessions (with solution videos too - wow).

Also Lumira personal version is available in the stick and you can install it on your laptop and starting playing around. Late but still time to be a "Data Geek"?

Now I know why Session Catalog did not provide the session presentation pdf files that I was looking for especially my Hands-on Sessions.

This is truly in the spirit of open SAP. I salute this effort releasing the entire TechEd conference material in public domain for consumption.