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And suddenly the last day. At the beginning of a teched you think there is so much time and so much to do. But now the end of the teched && dcode Berlin suddenly is near. One day left before we all pack our bags and head home.

First session :mad:

Despite of yesterday’s evening party enough people showed up for the first sessions of the Thursday at half past eight. Well one guy was missing from our session. That was a bit unfortunate as this particular guy had the speakers role in this session. Someone tried to keep us busy asking questions about our relation to the subject, but we weren’t too happy that we all got out of our beds so early for basically nothing.

After half an hour since the ‘beginning’ of the session the speaker arrived. He immediately started talking in an incredible speed with a heavy accent. The combination of both made it barely understandable. I decided for the first time to get up early and go. I didn’t want to be there any longer.

That was not a good start of the day. Hopefully the rest will be better.

Design Studio (part 1)

The second session of the day was the world premiere of Design Studio by Eric Schemer and Jie Deng. In this presentation Eric explained the positioning of design studio and Jie took care of the demo. This was enough to improve the mood significantly. In the demo we saw Jie working with an impressive looking template that had very many options for navigating queries. Additionally there was a livestream line graph on the left top that was linked to a Sybase esp live stream. Although all the focus went to other things the realtime graph still caught my eye, yesterdays session helped off course when I saw the potential of that option.

Source: SAP

Bookmarking took a leap forward. Now you can bookmark individual components. These bookmarks are then stored in a fragment component from where you can drag them into another dashboard. This opens all kinds of opportunities to offer self-service options where users can build a graph and bookmark this when they are happy. Then they can have an overview dashboard where they drag all the interesting components and remove the obsolete ones.

I will go into this deeper in a separate blog on the design studio community forum.

HANA predictive modelling and application deployment

Then for some hardcore developing. Using advanced analysis in HANA studio. In this this handson workshop we created functions for A priori functions, regression and so on. All this had to be coded via SQLscript in hana. A lot of the instructions you could cut&paste but, nevertheless this was hard enough to do.We were kept busy the whole 2 hours and there were enough bonus assignments left to do.

In the afternoon I finally was able to meet dirk.mayrock and lars.schubert2. As I already expected from our online communications these are both great guys and we had fun discussing Design Studio, visualizations, the upcoming new version and just enjoying ourselves. Shame that new sessions were already due and we had to finish our conversation. It was great meeting you guys!

Then onto the SAP BW end to end on HANA scenario by … and … . I was already duly impressed yesterday by the overview but my opinion on the SP 8 version got even better after this session. It is amazing what the new version can do. ADSO and Composite provider (the 7.4 version) are a big improvement. BW is leveraging HANA In a big way and it seems to be BW is able to reinvent itself on top of HANA.

Source: SAP

In my opinion BW is shaping up to be the data modelling app on top of HANA as it is able to handle a lot of complexity with modelling and authorization. In the image you see their call to do the course. I seriously advise you guys to follow this course.

After this session I went to Design Studio roadmap (or part 2) It was already 17:00 so the crowds were getting smaller and smaller. Eric Schemer did not have too many spectators, but those that were there (including me) asked lots of questions. It is actually quite nice to be able to ask so many questions. One answer on SDK in Design Studio made me rethink some of the things I was planning to do and I have to embrace another toolset. (lumira vizpack here I come!)

Hope you guys enjoyed my personal views on the three days. I certainly enjoyed being in Berlin. Have met many great people and it was a great time.