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Former Member

After the amazing TechEd conference 2013 in Amsterdam I got back to Germany with a huge bag of knowledge and insights in different areas of new SAP technologies. It was so much, that I decided next time I will try to focus on one specific topic. But... as I saw the session catalog for TechEd 2014 I realized, how difficult it will be to hold this decision... :smile:

However one topic is currently the most interesting for me: Big Data and Analytics with SAP HANA. Hence, here my plan for the TechEd && d-code 2014:

The Location

Although I would very like to visit Las Vegas, this year it will be Berlin.

My plan

Last year I've found out, that any plan which you can have for the TechEd conference, can't be realized to 100%. There are simply too many different opportunities to break it. And this year there are even more...

But here I start with:

This is a result of my first quick walk over the session catalog. To try to hold my decision of the last year (s. above) I started with sessions related to my main topic of this year, except of two of them:

  • UXP202
    • is must-to-have since the most of my past and current projects run in this area
  • DEV161
    • although it won't be probably one of my reserved workshops I can't miss the tips and tricks in SAP HANA from one of the instructors of my first openSAP course rich.heilman

In the next weeks I am going to create my agenda in detail. Let's see how long it will be on the end...

Looking forward to...

...a great event, where I can meet my old colleagues, customers and other people, which I've not seen for a long time, have fun and simultaneously gain a lot of knowledge to deal with until the next TechEd && d-code conference :wink:

Advise for first timers

Recharge your energy some days before you go to the conference. It will be fully utilized afterwards... :smile:

On that note, looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Best regards,