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  • The Location:
    • Berlin. -- what you learn in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, they say :wink:
  • Your Plan:
    • Main focus will be on advanced HANA topics this year.
    • I sure will visit some of the sessions on the Integration topics (HCI and/or PI and BPM and/or Gateway)
    • My current agenda has lots of overlapping lectures at the moment, which needs to be sorted out eventually. Here a few corner points:
      • EVENT3 - SAP Executive Keynote
      • DEV262 - Evolution of the ABAP Programming Language
      • UXP360 - Extend SAP Fiori Applications Using the New SAP River RDE Tool from SAP
      • DMM270 - Advanced Data Modeling in SAP HANA
      • EA261 - Extend Analytics to Predict Trends, Anticipate Change, and Drive Strategy
      • DEV360 - Advanced OData Service Development with SAP Gateway
      • UXP264 - Building and Extending SAP Fiori-Like Applications Using the SAP River RDE
      • DMM165 - Incorporating Real-Time Event Stream Processing into SAP HANA Applications
      • INT201 - Unified Inbox with SAP Fiori
      • DMM264 - SAP HANA Predictive Modeling and Application Deployment – PAL and R
      • DMM270 - Advanced Data Modeling in SAP HANA

  • What you’re looking forward to the most: DemoJam? Hacker Night? Or for the crazy ones, our second annual 5K in Las Vegas?
    • Haha :wink: I'd be crazy enough to run if someone would organize it in Berlin
    • Looking forward to a lot of new knowledge.
    • Hands On sessions and Lectures.
    • Networking with some of the Gurus.
    • And there is alays something you didnt expect
  • Advice for first timers (optional): Two decades of SAP TechEd conveys a lot of lessons learned. We ask that the veterans share tips that newbies should know before they go.
    • you only get two reservations. dont waste one on a session you think will not be heavily visited :wink:  
    • take the week before the TechEd slowly, get your head free, do some meditation.