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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
Learn how you can submit suggestions for content to be included in the Tech Aloud podcast.

The Tech Aloud podcast is relatively new, and consists of blog posts & articles read aloud for you to consume while on the go (who has time to read everything in their bookmark list?). You can read more about it in this post: Tech Aloud podcast – an introduction.

How I manage Tech Aloud

I use a project within a GitHub repo to manage the work needed to select, plan, record and publish episodes, and the repo is public: The project is here: Episodes.

You can see how the kanban style columns in the project reflect the workflow.

Each card you see reflects a blog post or article item that will become, or has already become, an episode. These items are in the form of issues, which I'm sure you're familiar with in the GitHub context.

I create each of my issues in the same way, where the title has this format, reflecting the detail of the article or blog post:

<title> - <author> - <date>

The date will be anything from simply a year (especially for classic texts), a month & year, or a full date with day-of-month too.

In the body of the issue I put the source URL for the article or blog post, and then a short description (a sentence or two maximum) describing why I think it's a good candidate for the podcast.

And that's it. The issue appears first in the "Submitted" column in the project, and if I select it, it makes its way through "Planned" and "Recorded" to "Published" on the right, which signifies that it's actually live on the podcast as an episode.

What makes a good candidate

Not all articles or blog posts are appropriate for the podcast. I have some objective criteria and some subjective criteria too.

Objective criteria: Will it take more than 10-15 mins to read out / listen to? Are there pictures in there that if you can't see them it will be harder to understand in this audio-only medium? Is there program code (or other technical detail) that is hard to read out?

Subjective criteria: Does it provide a good background or overview to a general technical topic related to development? If it's specific, is it relevant for today's developers? Is it what I would consider interesting?

Any submission that generally tends towards "no" for the objective questions and "yes" for the subjective questions is a candidate for consideration. Anything else probably won't make it.

What can you suggest?

As an experiment, for the duration of SAP TechEd 2019 (i.e. the three instances of this event, in Las Vegas, Barcelona and Bangalore), I invite you to submit candidate blog posts or articles for consideration. I would love to hear from you and see what you can come up with - I love that I'm always discovering fascinating things from my friends and colleagues.

If you have a candidate blog post or article that you found interesting and think others will, and it fits the objective and subjective criteria as described above, please submit it by creating an issue in the repo, and I'll handle it from there. Don't worry about adding anything else at all to the issue, other than the title and the description, also making sure they are formatted as I've described above.

I reserve the right to reject candidate submissions for technical or other reasons, but that's how it goes when you work in public, right? 🙂

I can't wait to see what you suggest!

(Thanks to john.patterson5 for being my submission guinea pig!)