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I can remember when My mom sent me off to my first day of school. She put me through this checklist that included getting me all spit-shined, presentable and various index cards tucked away in my pockets, lunchbox and school folders. My mom wanted me to make a good first impression and have a way for others to get in touch with her in case I got lost!

Well, here I am headed to SAP TechEd Las Vegas and going through that same type of self-checklist, but this time I am sharing this list with you for your social media first-impression.

LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is the social media hub for most SAPers, customers, media and other passionate fans! Native behavior of this group is typically to search on the profile of so done you have just met or are going to meet for the first time! Here are a few suggestions for you make a good first impression on those searchers:

  • Great Photo! Quick! If your photo pairs you with a pet, girlfriend or your boat take it down! Put on some professional clothes and have your significant other take a nice, clear and close photo from your smartphone, so your can make a smart impression!

  • Updated Bio. After you look at that great mug in your new photo, say to yourself, "I am interesting". Then, you should immediately make sure the details of your background are up to date and clearly represent our recent work or accomplishments. This LinkedIn bio is your way to make yourself interesting! Your bio is the place to let your personality shine through. If it is too much to rewrite your bio for The event, make it your first priority when you return!

  • Contact Info. If someone is trying to get touch with you, it should not be a scavenger hunt! Everyone's LinkedIn profile should include clear and simple ways to get in touch with you by way of cell, email and Twitter. Make sure to include this information early in your summary and avoid the hunt!

If you are looking for suggestions for the way your photo, bio and contact information should look, check out my approach at

Twitter Profile. The Twitter profile is fast-becoming the next LinkedIn profile. If you use social media and Twitter then your profile needs to be as sharp as your LinkedIn information. However, the challenge is that you have only 160 characters to do it! Here are some steps to cut through the clutter:

  • Terrific Twicture!  No one likes Twitter egg pictures. Use the same picture as your LinkedIn and get with the best B2B platform in the world!

  • Banging Bio! You have 160 characters to tell the world about yourself, so make it count with some personality, key words (since they are searchable), and a link to another place to get in touch with you like a blog, your LinkedIn profile or a web site

  • Brilliant Background! Get rid of the standard Twitter background and replace it with a relevant picture. I've still not mastered Photoshop, so I have a cool tiling picture that I found on the Web.

  • Handle. Handles are for people to,grab onto, so make it easy to let people grab on to you on Twitter. If you don't have your handle on your business cards, then write it on the back of a handful of cards!

Please take a look at my profile at for some ideas. And when you stop by please follow me! I'd love to connect with you.

Instagram Profile. If you've not embraced the best social photo service yet, then now's the time! If you are a closet iPhone photographer like me, then this service is for you! However, like Twitter and LinkedIn, you need to have a photo-centric strategy! If you can't find something to take a picture on the SAP TechEd Las Vegas floor then you need to look a little harder! I already have 5 picture-based blog ideas!

  • Photo. It's OK to be a bit more creative with Instagram, but remember, your social profile is public and impacts your professional impact. Instagram makes it very easy to import your Twitter or Facebook pictures, so take advantage of it.

  • Insta-Bio. Shorter than Twitter at 150 characters, for Instagram take advantage of a quick overview of you and include a link to another one of your owned social media properties.

Make sure that you do your last-minute social media check-up to ensure you make a good impression and others. Make your mother proud and yes, what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas .... unless its on social media, then we all see ... even your mom!


Director, NA Social Media Marketing

Picture source: blog