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Search, Analyse, Propose

I didn't get the chance to attend to the sap teched Amsterdam, but thanks to sap teched tv, I could see the demojam. I'd like to congratulate the team of Cédric Ulmer (France Labs) and Patrick Duverger (City of Antibes) for the 2nd place at SAPtechEd DemoJam in Amsterdam.
First because Cédric is a former colleague, but also because I consider that their demo was the most interesting from a business and maturity perspective.

Demo Insight

If I understood correctly what I saw:
They combine the world of BI (quantitative data) and enterprise documents (unstructured data) into a single application.
For that, they combined two cool technologies. On one hand, datafari, which is the new open source enterprise search solution developed by France Labs. This tool takes care of the unstructured data search.
On the other hand, freedatamap is used by City of Antibes in order to display any structured data (BI in our case) into a graph based web interface.
There demo is called "search, analyse, propose" and you can have a look at this link, look at 23'05''

Do you want to know more

If you want to know more and buy their solution, you can still contact Cedric Ulmer, CEO of France Labs, at
or Patrick Duverger, CEO of freedatamap at