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Following the success of Moderator Meetups at Las Vegas and Madrid, we invite SCN Moderators,Space editors and all SCN members to gather and talk about our community at SAP TechEd, Bangalore. It is an opportunity for you to bring your expert feedback, opinions and constructive criticism on the Moderators/Space editors/SCN Modus Operandi.

SCN team(marilyn.pratt, moshe.naveh, leon.limson ) will be holding an "Expert Networking Lounge" at SAP TechEd, Bangalore.

SCN Moderator Meetup
SCN Booth
Friday, 30th November 2012 at 10:00 AM

Following are the proposed topics for the discussion.


  • Sharing best practices and ideas around moderation
  • Sharing best practices for the new SCN
  • How can the SCN team make moderator lives easier?
  • How can space teams work more effectively together?
  • Moderation role - facilitation or moderation?
  • Gamification / Points system

If you would like to add any additional topic(s), please do comment your proposal in this blog.

Come and take this wonderful opportunity to meet your moderators and space editors in person, and have cheerful
discussion :smile:

See you all there on Friday, 30th Nov 2012 ...