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Identifying sources of energy savings of up to 20%. Using HANA and some sweet intelligence  learn how we help our customers act in real-time  and be able to predict their future energy footprint.

Its’s all about the carbon…. Footprint that is.  Customers are able to measure their corporate greenhouse gas emissions and meet Regulatory and Certification compliance standards, like ISO50001.

Also don’t forget to check your energy footprint, did you know you have one?

Using different metering devices and sensors AppScape builds a massive database from wich to derive intelligent analytics.  Utilizing the predictive capabilities of SAP HANA and industry specific algorithims we bring you savings and future visability.

Check out how we tick at the SAP TechEd Networking Session (Lounge 2) @11:30am. Follow @AppScape_Inc for updates.

In the meantime here is something to whet your session whistle: