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Former Member

Welcome to another virtual tour from SAP TechEd Amsterdam! My first tour was of the Show Floor in Halls 8 and 10. Now let's take a closer look at the Clubhouse as seen through photos and videos.


Whereas TechEd Las Vegas had beanbags and candy, the Clubhouse in Amsterdam has a cool retro-exhibit of gaming consoles that are still in working condition. Whether it's Atari, Ninendo, Commodore 64 or your favorite early '80s handheld game, this interactive exhibit is a ton of fun.

...and let's not forget the foosball / table football games of all sizes


At TechEd you're never too far from a delicious coffee or other beverage. This station is located right in the middle of the Clubhouse.

Getting Social

As you probably know, SCN is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year so we have a great "SCN is 10" Wall which includes a timeline of milestones, vintage photos and digital testimonials from SCN members past and present. Come check it out if you're onsite:

Speaking of social media, there's also a Photo Booth where you can get a professional headshot for your various online profiles. You can also get sticker badges to reflect the badges you've earned virtually on SCN.

Video Tour

Finally, here's my 4-minute video tour of the entire Clubhouse. It includes all the areas above plus a few other cool things. Enjoy!

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