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Well, SAPTechEd Amsterdam has closed the doors, people are making their way back home.  I followed the event via Twitter and of course, via SAPTechEdLive - which is still a great way to catch up on what you may have missed. 

All this following and tweeting and so forth made me want to share (even more, sorry folks!) some of my lasting impressions - unfortunately more on the social side than the technical side.  But don't let that stop  you.

If you are still reeling from the experience, or anticipating the next TechEd, or wishing you could be there... Relax, put your headphones on, and click below.

I've hijacked some of the official SAPTechEd Photos - which are here for the US, and here from Amsterdam, and some of the photos (the lower quality ones) were taken on my phone as I toured the show.

The song?  Well, it has many happy memories for me - and perhaps some of you too?

Anyway, here's my little Animoto tribute.

And if you feel as though you may be suffering from #PTWS (Post TechEd Withdrawal Syndrome) channel some positive energy by blogging, posting, tweeting, FB-ing.  It may just help a little (while you are preparing for the next one!).  It's all about the sharing, right?