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In this short video recorded at SAP TechEd Amsterdam, SAP’s Mirko Woitalla shares details about SAP Workforce Performance Builder, SAP’s solution for end-user adoption and knowledge transfer. In yet another great example of how SAP Runs SAP, this solution was used at SAP TechEd Amsterdam by session owners to create customer-facing, hands-on documentation and simulations created during the sessions.

In Amsterdam today, Mirko’s one-hour lecture session, entitled SAP’s Solution for User Adoption and User Experience Optimization, had over 50 attendees. While most customers are still largely unfamiliar with this new offering launched last year by SAP Education, Mirko said attendees of his session were very impressed and eager to know more. ”Once they see the in-application help, in other words, the life support of the end-user, supporting the user during productive usage of the respective application, this is quite amazing and people love to see this.” The most commonly asked question following his session was “Does SAP Workforce Performance Builder work with other SAP and non-SAP applications?”, to which Mirko was pleased to reply: “Yes it does. Whatever solution you’re using, SAP Workforce Performance Builder is able to create all the end-user materials for any type of application you have.”

This solution was also used during SAP TechEd Las Vegas, and attendees at the upcoming SAP TechEd in Bangalore will have the chance to experience SAP Workforce Performance Builder as well. Mid-way through his second SAP TechEd in 2013, Mirko had high praise for the event itself. “It’s a great event to meet people who are really interested in technology and how it works. It’s an honest event.” Well said, Mirko!

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