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Most people are so busy throughout the year that they never get to the pile. “The pile” is the bunch of stuff that you save in hopes of reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise consuming on some utopian future day when things calm down: books, albums, blogs, magazine articles, videos, movies and TV shows. At this point, it’s really more of an avalanche for me personally.

Holidays and vacations provide some respite from the hustle and bustle, and may actually afford us the time to catch up on the pile. For many, the end of December might be just the time for reflection on the year, personal development, or just browsing through our saved bookmarks.

With that in mind, I thought of the massive amount of content that was produced at SAP TechEd && d-code this year. And also the fact that it’s December and I hadn’t yet written anything about SAP TechEd Live, the interview program that just broadcast its sixth year of programming.

I don’t want to overload your pile, nor do I insist that you watch an interview segment on hybrid cloud/on premise strategy instead of reading that crime thriller at the top of your pile – but I urge you to take a look at the inventory of over 70 interviews we recorded in the SAP TechEd Live studio (100 if you include the roaming reporter segments) in Las Vegas and Berlin. Maybe there’s a tiny little gift for you!

Visit SAP TechEd Online for more video on demand, including keynotes, strategy/tech talks, lectures, and DemoJams.

Studio Interviews, by Title

#DukeMBBStats: A Winner's Dream
1,000+ SAP HANA Use Cases: Which one is right for your business?
A Customer Perspective on SAP Screen Personas

A New Horizon: SAP TDI with Networking and Storage
API Economy - Impact on Business and Technology
Accelerating Your Journey to the Cloud with Testing-as-a-Service Powered by xStream for SAP Applicat...
Application-Centric Optimization for SAP HANA and Applications that Run on It
Build, Extend, and Run Applications in the Cloud with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Cloud: New Opportunities for the Mid-Market
Cloud: Public, Private, and Hybrid for the Enterprise
Cloud-Based Analytics: A Cornerstone of Your Big Data Implementation
Co-Innovation between SAP and GitHub
DemoJam Winners: Spot On!
Designing the Future – You Need More Than Tools and Technology

Detecting Security Threats in Your Enterprise Systems
DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and the New Composable Enterprise
Digital Acceleration for 100+ Year Old Companies using API-centric Architectures
Driving Future Growth through Co-Innovation on the Internet of Things
Driving Innovation with Design
Easily and Rapidly Embedding 3rd-party Content into Fiori Launchpad with Capriza
Embracing the User Experience Revolution
Engaging the Next Generation of Developers
Examining the SAP 2020 Vision for IT
Experience Developer Evangelism from the Inside
Global Reach and Security: Conversation with Tanja Rueckert
HP IT’s Journey with SAP HANA and the Road Ahead
How Can Companies Manage Complexity in the Digital Transformation?
How Intel is Influencing the Ecosystem Datacenter
Hybrid App Development with Cordova and the SAP Mobile Platform SDK
Innovative Development in the Cloud
Interview with Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board, Products & Innovation Technology, SAP
Interview with Björn Goerke, EVP and Corporate Officer, Product & Innovation Technology, SAP
Justify ...

Learning SAP in the Cloud
Meet the SAP HANA Innovation Award Winner
Moving the Core of SAP Business Suite to the Cloud
New AWS Region in Frankfurt, Germany: What this means for You
New Innovations in SAP HANA Platform
New SAP Mentors Embracing the Community
On the Evolution of Developer Tools and Languages
Open Source innovations around SAP HANA
OpenUI5 is Open for Contribution - What's Next?
Operational Decisions with Predictive Analytics
Platform, Open Source, and Developers: Björn Goerke Talks Technology
Remote Farm Repeat: Meet the DemoJam && InnoJam Winners
Returns on Mobile investment with Robert Bosch GmbH, Hillary's Blinds and SBB Swiss National Railway
SAP Announces New Solutions for Internet of Things for Business
SAP Business Network: Conversation with Sanish Mondkar
SAP Business One: Present and Future
SAP DataViz Challenge for Charity
SAP HANA Deployment Options and Operation Automation with VMware
SAP HANA Distinguished Engineers: Taking the HANA Community to the Next Level
SAP Jam Meets SAP HANA Cloud Platform
SAP Screen Personas: How Customer Feedback is Shaping an SAP Product
SAP Simple Finance, Front-runner of S-Innovations
SAP Solution Manager in the IT Service Management Market
SAP University Alliances: Building Future Talent for the SAP Ecosystem
SAP Vision for Analytics and Business Intelligence
SAP and Open Stack - The Inside Story
Secure Your Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Premise Landscapes
Shaping Developer Programs at SAP
Social CRM and the Future of Marketing Automation
Solving Energy Problems with Internet of Things
Startups: The Key to Platform Strategy
Students Are Ramping Up on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to Create the Future of SAP
Sven Denecken on Cloud, Implications of Hybrid Landscapes, and Co-Innovation
Technology Without Borde...

The Cloud and the New Kingmakers
The Latest Innovations with SAP Analytics
The SAP HANA Marketplace - An Online Commerce Ecosystem for SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Apps
Unleashing SAP HANA Virtualization