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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
Earlier today, Thomas Grassl, SAP's Vice President/Head of Developer & Community Relations, and I held the Developer News expert panel (EP101). If you were able to attend, we hope you enjoyed the session. Regardless of whether you could join, however, we want to share some of the key discussion points and links to the content that we discussed. So, whether you watched the session or you were unable to participate, as long as you're a developer, you'll definitely benefit from the information that follows…

On Stage at SAP TechEd

We started our panel by covering that the SAP Cloud Platform Trial has extended to 12-months. This allows you the developer to keep all of your work in development projects for a longer time and we want to make sure that this offering gives you all the key capabilities for you to do your development tasks.

Juergens post

Free Tier Model

Though we are not done yet, we are already working on the next iteration in this journey to a Free Tier – our goal here is to provide you with ongoing learning and development capabilities, making this an amazing experience for you.

The SAP Developer News show is from the Developer Advocates Team.  It’s a 5-minute weekly news video, on the SAP Developers YouTube channel The show covers what is new and interesting for developer in the world of SAP Developer technology. Launched at the end of September, it has covered the highlights of many topics, such as Devtoberfest, ABAP Open-Source Tools, Kyma runtime trial update and more. Check out the playlist here -

SAP Developer News

Other developer content is also available in the same YouTube channel. A great example is the Hands-on SAP Dev show, where we have more of the SAP Developer Advocates diving deep into a subject & breaking it down into a series of episodes with live coding. New developer shows & content for 2021 are being planned by Developer & Community Relations including our Advocates, so make sure you watch out!

SAP CodeTalk

I also had a shameless plug for my own chat show SAP CodeTalk which can be found at CodeTalk is where I interview SAP Engineers, PM's etc and ask them the questions you would want to know.

Devtoberfest from SAP

There is a great legacy left over from Devtoberfest from SAP (, which is the content from 9 enablement weeks. These can be watched as YouTube videos - ( as well content to try out on GitHub.  Such as…

  • SAP Cloud Platform Workflow,

  • ABAP Environment & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model,

  • SAP Cloud Application Programming Model,

  • SAP Business Application Studio for SAP Fiori Development,

  • VSCode Extensions,

  • SAP Cloud APIs, project Kyma.


SAP Samples

On GitHub, SAP also have sample code, specifically we mentioned the samples from SAP Developer Relations, which include CodeJam repos - It is worth mentioning one or two specifically, both of these can be run through remotely - Cloud Platform Workflow Virtual Event and Cloud APIs Virtual Event. Other repos in SAP-samples are pinned/highlighted every few weeks, so you can see other awesome materials being created. Check out the SAP-Samples org page on GitHub

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) is always developing, so if you’re interested make sure you keep a watching eye on the Release Notes. These come out monthly and include rich information about what’s new in the CAP world -

In SAPUI5 and SAP FIORI elements, there is a new release. This includes pre templated user interfaces that can be connected to OData V4 and configured for display & functionality: table functions, selection controls, navigation etc, for faster rendering. Supported in SAP Business Application Studio & VS Code. More information can be found in this blog at

Also, as we mentioned before there are Release notes to watch. Check out

Our team behind the Developer Center - are in the process of adding more developer product centric developer content. The newest additions have been SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) & Conversational AI (CAI) More products will be added throughout 2021.

Tutorial Navigator

New tutorials are constantly being added to the tutorial system. Check out the Tutorial Navigator at Here you have the ability to filter on experience & type of tutorial. More tutorials are being added and updated all the time. Input and feedback can be submitted at any time. New tutorials lately include…

Thank you once again, for joining us for our session and we hope this information help you in your developer journey!

Bet sure to follow us on Twitter @grassl & @ithain