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Stepping into the unknown










Do you know the feeling of the unknown? Of being lost, alone, disoriented, nobody there to help you on your way. Anxiety and the feeling of helplessness spread. That’s what happens if people are confronted with something new, unknown and that is how I felt when starting in the world of SAP.

It is difficult to meet people outside of project work that are working with SAP. You are overwhelmed with the sheer abundance of information available online, yet you have no clue where and what to start with. There are no meet-ups, no open slack-, telegram- or whatsapp-groups and the public boards are packed with technical questions and details and are not a good place to start out. Even now, after more than a year of working with SAP the amount of questions I have, do not seem to get smaller, especially with newly introduced SAP S/4HANA, SAP Leonardo and all other new solutions, services and technologies.

But in the darkness afar, a light appears, a helping navigator on my path into the unknown. It gets bigger and bigger. Now it is readable in clear letters:






I am excited to attend the event to meet new people, discuss and have fun while expanding my knowledge – I am sure it will be a great help for my skills and my future way with SAP.

How did i get involved with SAP technologies? Find out in the following video!

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