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This is a recap of the session that I gave in Teched LV.  Thank you all who came.

First here are the slides

Learning is continuous.  You know that or you wouldn't be reading this blog.

So some ideas on learning I shared:

You learn new things. They are interesting to you and you feel you can improve your company with XYZ.  You take those ideas first to your co-workers.

And hopefully you don't find out that they don't want to change.  That can be an issue.  You also may find another resource in one or two of them.  They might get excited too.  That would be great!  You are well on your way.

The next task is to find a project where that new technology will work. Find one that would be enhanced, and that doesn't have timelines for your learning curve.

Next armed with a good reason to use that technology talk with your boss.  Oh boy! If he/she does not like the new technology or really doesn't see a need for it you will not get support.  So try to have some great reasons to change.  It may even be that you have to learn something to get to use another part of your system.  Dollars talk.  If that system is setting idle, and you propose to use it.  Well...  That looks good all the way around.

If that didn't work:

So - I suggest going to a project manager and tell them the differences this will make in their project.  Slip in some of the cool new options they would have. If you have their backing, then go back to your boss. He/she might be getting worn down.  If it looks like that is a case you could do some coding/configuration or whatever on your own time and demo it.  Then your boss might be convinced.

So they gave the OK, but just for you to try:

You work diligently on that project. You get it done and it works great. Be sure the project team knows what was done in the "new" technology.  On of your best supporters will be someone who asks specifically for that function.  If they are happy, they will tell others.  You get the idea.


Your co-workers tell your boss they can't support the new technology you have in the project you have just finished.  Your boss has you pull it all out.

So you do have options here. Most of us on the community LOVE new things. We would love for you to write a blog and share.  If we have time we will comment.  That will make you feel better, and again may give you some ideas to use later.

Or...  <Sigh> yes, you just might have to start looking for another job. It would be really cool to play with that new tech a bit more before you start looking.

So don't feel bad. Come on over and write a blog - or even make a visit to coffee corner.  I bet you'll find more than just me who understands.

PS - Timely - I found this while researching this blog.  (2011)  I have not read it.  So I wonder if it says a lot of the same things.

Crazy right?  I'm pretty sure I have other blogs out there on the topic too!  So how about you?  How do you learn new things?  How do you convince people that they are a good idea to implement?