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That's the answer, and now I'm done with my blog.   Oh boy, have you read any of my blogs.  I tend to get wordy very wordy.   So no - it's not quite the end, but you can stop here if you'd like.  Heck you can stop anywhere, I would never know.


Well I could pull from some older blogs.   But I'm not even though I may sound a bit repetitive.  I didn't go back and read my old ones.

Is your company on an "old" version of SAP?   You know under 6.0?   Even 6.0 is starting to be old.   Well then, you think to yourself, "Self, why go?  I won't use any of this?   I could use the dollars to do XYZ instead".   Personally I have no idea what your XYZ - it may be more important.   For me, Teched always comes up on top.  I guess that's why I've been to so many Techeds. 


  1. I ALWAYS have found something to use from them.   When I say ALWAYS I mean it.   And I really should follow up with a blog about some of the things I've learned and then used.   I have NEVER been on the most recent version of SAP shown there.  I highly doubt very many people are on that version.
  2. I find out what isn't going to work in the future.   I keep hearing rumors Web Dynpro is a dead technology.   It will be interesting to see what I hear at the conference.
  3. I've read - gasp - no it isn't true, that on HANA on the web, ABAP is not a good skill to have.  Combine it with something else.   OK, I've heard that one before.  And frankly after reading some blogs, I would never recommend HANA on the web.  It sounds way to inflexible.   So I want to dig into that a bit.  I also want to see what other skills SAP THINKS you should pair ABAP with.  I remember at one time it was all JAVA.  Not so much anymore.
  4. I want to bring one thing back and use it.    Anything.  Usually I find that in the ASUG run sessions.   Rarely, but sometimes, I will find something in the SAP sessions that I can use.  The SAP are looking far into the future or not so far.
  5. We are on and you will surely be amazed 4.6C.   Yes, we will upgrade at some point.  There has to be a strong business reason - I look forward to networking.   That's probably my number one reason for being there - the networking.   It is amazing what everyone knows and how easy it is to talk with them.
  6. I am going with my boss.   Oh the horror!   I'll have to be good this time.   My boss is not typical.   He is a TECHNICAL boss.   He knows SAP Functional, ABAP, .NET and I'm sure many more things.   (Did I say I love my new job?)   I really look forward to hearing things from his perceptive.  It will be a real eye opener for me.  He went to SAPHIRE.  So I already know we will be looking closely at FIORI sessions.
  7. It's like a Disney World for technical people.   Want to find some third party software?  There are many vendors who would love to talk with you.   Want to find someone who does what you do just to compare notes?  Oh yes, they'll be here.   Want to meet up with that blogger, mentor, or question answer.  OK, so they all won't be here.  But I bet you can find someone you've read about.  Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest?   Yippee!  I love my hands on.   I get to play with something new - this I probably won't use for a while but it is a mini training session given by the best of the best.   What other time can you have them as an instructor?  Sound like Disney world to you?  Maybe not.   For me it is.   I LOVE what I do.  

Have I convinced you yet?


Debunking bad reasons

  1. because you are thinking "I'm a shy person.  I won't network.   I'm the only one who would go from my company.   I'd eat by myself, and the sessions might be good but..."   Hey, I am a VERY shy person.   The best way I found to met people is the hands on.  You sit by someone you don't know and you pretty much have to talk with them.   The lunches.   OK - so you are going to sit alone.  Scope out the lunch area.   Is there someone else who is alone?  Is there a table where everyone seems to be talking?  Even yet is there a table that has a mentor at it?   Sit at one of these tables.   Someone alone and you can buddy up.   Conversation flowing and you can just listen and join if you feel comfortable or just listen and learn.   Mentor table?  They all pretty much pull you into a conversation.   Nope I'm not a mentor anymore.   BUT if you see me, feel free to sit down.   Even though I'm very shy, I try to talk with people at my table.   BASIS, ABAP, non-ABAP, pure internet developer...   It doesn't really matter.   I'll learn something from you, and hopefully you'll learn something from me.
  2. They are only presenting the latest software.   Well sort of.   SAP presents the latest and greatest.   Sadly it doesn't always move forward.   ASUG sessions present things you can use immediately.   And expert networking sessions - just go.   I can't do justice  explaining about them.  Some of the latest and greatest can be used in your current system.   And I'll tell you a secret, Shhh, don't tell anyone else, I don't think that HANA thing is going away anytime soon.
  3. It's a big place where they are trying to sell you things.   Sort of.   I don't really think so...   But yes, the third party vendors are there.   SAP is pushing the latest technology and versions.   BUT with all that there are tons of sessions.   These sessions promote learning.  You will find something that you like.
  4. It's in Vegas, if I send anyone they won't go.   Well if you send someone who doesn't love what they are doing - you are sending the wrong person.   I love what I do.   I may play a bit.   However, the sessions go from 8 AM - 6:30 PM.  If your brain fries before then, of course you're going to take a break.  But most of us will try to stay with it as much as we can. 
  5. I'm an independent consultant and I have a very limited budget.   Valid.   But you will network with many people that could be customers.   You will also learn the latest and greatest.   That in invaluable if you want to get that next high paying customer.  
  6. OK.....   I can't think of anything else.   But if you do comment.   I'll try to answer.   I've been to enough of these.   How many?   Well I stopped counting at ten.   And yes, I know about customer presentations - NOT THIS year, but I have presented at four different teched.   And let me tell you, my presentations were not the latest and greatest.   I didn't have access to the latest and greatest.

My personal feelings:

Snoopy dance, jumping up and down, smiling, clapping my hands, and spinning around happy.   I never thought I'd get to go with a new company.  (Have I said I love where I work? Smile.)


All out of wordiness for a few minutes.   Please do comment good and bad about Teched.   Or if you have some questions - I'm guessing someone will jump in and answer.