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We are happy to announce that our access to 30+ SAP TechEd Interactive Hands-on Workshops is now simplified. As SAP TechEd Las Vegas or Barcelona full conference attendee, you have the opportunity to continue SAP education for the next year through Interactive Hands-On Workshops. If you did not attend the conference, you can still watch the videos on our SAP TechEd Online platform. Access is possible via browser links, see below under each picture. The full offering consists of:

  • Videos of hands-on workshop presentations complete with audio instruction from SAP TechEd experts
  • 30+ interactive hands-on workshop simulations, which you can run in auto-play, self-guided, or practice mode
  • PDFs of hands-on workshop slides available in addition to presentation video

Presentation videos complete with audio instructions

Interactive learning content simulations

Log in with your SAP TechEd registration e-mail address

and the following password: iHo_2015

Visit the websites linked under the pictures to see a listing of the available Interactive Hands-on Workshops. We recommend that you first browse through the list to find the workshops which are of most interest for you. Then you can watch the recording, before you finally (as full conference attendee) start executing the interactive hands-on simulations.

You’ll have access to all of the materials – anytime, anywhere – from now until September 15, 2016.

And if you’d prefer to download the materials for working offline with your mobile device, you can use SAP Mobile Documents — instructions here for Las Vegas and Barcelona.

Questions? Drop us a line at

Happy learning!