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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
We got together to build a Developer Keynote for TechEd for you; this post gives you some context on what you'll see, and, following the keynote, will contain all the links you need.

Update 10 Dec 2020: Watch the Developer Keynote replay here ☞ Developer Keynote: All Developers Welcome and get access to the code and config in the GitHub repo, now public:

All the developer advocates are looking forward to SAP TechEd 2020. Some of us are giving individual sessions, but we all got together to build the DK100 Developer Keynote, which is open to everyone, scheduled a couple of times to suit different timezones, and is hopefully enlightening and fun. Go ahead and add it to your agenda and then come back here and continue reading 🙂

The story

The theme and tagline of the Developer Keynote is "All Developers Welcome", and the story is of three developers, with completely different backgrounds and skillsets, coming together on their first project sprint review, to look at where they are, and to explain to each other the components that each of them have been building.

The company they work for initiated this "Charity Fund" project which is all about building charity fund credit amounts in a backend ABAP system based on sales orders, and their values, coming into their main ERP system on SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Those charity fund credits will go towards a tree-planting initiative later that year.

Tasked with building different parts to the whole solution, the developers have come together in this first sprint review to go through what they've done, and how they've done it. Here you'll see multiple components work together ...

  • across different runtimes on SAP Cloud Platform (Kyma, Cloud Foundry and ABAP)

  • in different languages (ABAP, Go, Node.js and Bash)

  • using different programming models (SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and ABAP's RESTful Application Programming Model)

  • in different time signatures (synchronous and asynchronous using SAP Enterprise Messaging)

  • for different purposes (backend services and a frontend with SAP UI5 & SAP Fiori)

  • based on standardised APIs and Cloud Events (from the SAP API Business Hub)

but with one overarching theme - ALL of these three DEVELOPERS, with different backgrounds and skillsets, are WELCOME.

The sprint review is oriented around the project team's whiteboard, which looks like this:

Whiteboard with component diagram

Where you fit in

Perhaps you can identify with one or more of these developer skillsets or backgrounds. Perhaps this will inspire you to try out that little idea you've been hatching, or to dig in to that tutorial you've promised yourself. Perhaps it will at least show that multi-discipline projects are tangible and within your reach.

Perhaps most importantly, everything you see that the developers have built, is available for you to try out yourself, in an SAP Cloud Platform trial account. All the code and configuration that the developer advocates collectively created, and that was shown in the keynote, is available in a public GitHub repository for you to clone, try out and adapt.

So enjoy the Developer Keynote replay, have fun digging into the code, and most of all, remember: