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We now have the numbers to confirm it: SAP TechEd DemoJam candidates are all slackers who wait untill the last minute for submitting their demo proposal. Or maybe, as I prefer to believe, they are all perfectionists who will use every single second left to get closer to the perfect demo.

The graph below shows the number of valid submissions received per day in the 60 days leading up to the submission deadline for last year's TechEd DemoJam in all three 2012 locations: Las Vegas, Madrid and Bangalore.

The submission deadline for this year's TechEd DemoJam is still Friday, Sept 13th 2013, i.e. 10 days from today.

Bottom line: 85% of all valid submissions last year were received in the 5 days prior to the submission deadline, and about half on the last day! The bump around -28 days is where the initial submission deadline was, which was shifted by 4 weeks for lack of submissions.

Number of valid submissions received per day for TechEd DemoJam 2012 in the 60 days prior to the submission deadline

I have a strong suspicion that this year's submission pattern will not be any different, which tells me that most of you are still working hard on your demo. I listed below the resources we posted here over the last months to help you with preparing your demo:

Remember! It is still time to avail of our free demo coaching offer called Demo Clinic: past DemoJam winners, finalists and professional demo coaches have volunteered to provide you with feedback on your demo video. Limited number of slots available, first come first serve! Find out more about the DemoJam Demo Clinic.