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Even after a full night in Vegas already down, TechEd Day 1 kicked off the morning with a bang for SAP API Management and Gateway.

Björn Goerke, Executive Vice President and Corporate Officer, SAP Product & Innovation Technology led the day with his High-Energy Keynote speech, delivering the message of "One to Infinity", utilizing a unified experience to do anything. He showed how Gateway and API Management come together into a unified product. In case you missed it, you can watch the replay here.

Showing how API Management was a Key component in this unified experience on HCP, in a demo which he was confident enough to deliver live(!), on-stage, he explained how the first step in the experience is exposing services as APIs via the new SAP API Management platform, developed in partnership with Apigee.

To drive home the importance of this partnership, he invited Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor up on-stage to speak about API Management and its role in business.

After talking about the announcement of the Beta release of the Cloud version of SAP API Management, Björn Goerke then demonstrated a real-time business scenario of exposing a service with API Management, designing and creating a full App to consume this data (to read more details about the Beta, see Ning-Jings Blog).

With this energizing introduction to the day, it was no wonder that Product Management Colleagues supporting SAP Gateway and API Management had their hands full through the rest of the day for all the various components that people were clamoring to learn about!

INT802 - Roadmap Q&A SAP Gateway On-Premise & In-Cloud: Hot off the heels of the morning Key-Note, CPM Joav Bally presented the Roadmap for SAP Gateway to a packed crowd, with many people standing due to limited space. It was clear that this was a hot topic! If you weren't able to get in to hear it, Joav will be presenting it again tomorrow, Wednesday, 2pm - 3pm in Theater 4.

Throughout the day, in between packed sessions Info Zone Pod 16 (IZ16) was buzzing with interested people, eager to see the Integration Solutions and API Management demos from staff like Ning-Jing. If you are unable to come by the Pod you can see some videos of what she is showing visitors on the SAP Technology channel here as well as learn more about SAP Gateway here.

DEV360 Advanced OData Service Development with SAP Gateway - Things were no different at the 2 hour hands on session delivered by Himanshu Pande and Mustafa Saglam, speaking to a full-house about Advanced Gateway Topics, . If you missed it, make sure to get in early when it is presented again on Thursday 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Murano 3301B!

CJ606 Mini Code-Jam "My first OData service using SAP Gateway Technology" was similarly packed, with some crowding on to the floor in order to participate in learning/fun with some introductory lessons, to get them to develop their first service with SAP Gateway from Peter Ng.

EXP17596 - Integration Gateway in SAP Mobile Platform Q&A: An expert Networking session presented by Mustafa Saglam drew another packed crowd. In case you missed it, he will be presenting again tomorrow morning Wednesday at 10am - 10:30am at Lounge 9, so show up early and make sure you don't miss it!

Every session packed with eager participants, it seems like SAP Gateway and SAP API Management is truly on-fire this year! On top of the awesome presentations already mentioned, partners Quantilus presented their Augmented Reality solutions, Prospace presented their Device Agnostic Mobile Solution Powered by SAP Gateway (currently live at eBay), and Mindset Consulting presented their integration of Google Sheets with SAP Suits via SAP Gateway. There were even more Expert sessions, Hands-On demos, and speaker sessions, and it was only the end of Day 1!

To see more of the exciting action at TechEd, many more pictures are available in the SAP TechEd Facebook Album.

In case it hasn't been driven home enough, so that you don't miss out, it seems like you really should stake out these sessions early to make sure get a chance to get in on all this excitement this year. For a full list of lectures, hands-on sessions and Expert Networking events for the remaining days, make sure to check out Ning-Jing's Sneak Peek Into SAP API Management and SAP Gateway at Tech-Ed. It has a very nice table of events, when and where they will be happening.

Have fun on Day 2 and hope to see you there!

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