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Community Manager

SAP Teched Bangalore 2013 is a real adventure for me. In this blog and the following ones I will share with you some of the great things that were going on so you can have a taste of it, even if you weren't there in person. I will start with an interview with Jan Stallkamp who is a very active SCN member,moderator and topic leader. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Is this your first time in India?

It’s my second time in India as I had the pleasure to attend TechEd Bangalore last year, too. And after I came back I was sure that I would submit sessions for this year, too.

What do you like the most in India?

There are a lot great things here. But if I have to limit myself to one: it’s the food. I mean there are a lot of Indian restaurants in Germany but there is a great difference between ‘german Indian’ and real Indian food. And there is all the fresh fruits you can get here. Of course I miss some food (german bread) but all the new tastes you can get here: just great!

What is unique about TechEd Bangalore ?

Something really great here is: everyone at one place. I mean you really have an expert for every SAP topic at the location. Being from SAP the best thing is to get in touch with our Indian customers. Get their feedback and opinion on our development. And somehow TechEd in Bangalore is different than TechEd in Europe (never went to Vegas). Maybe people are more open to ask questions. I was standing at the ‘SAP Database Solution’ booth for two hours today and was busy answering questions the whole time. Or have a look at DemoJam. In Amsterdam it was a great event with a lot of people. But here in Bangalore it was huge, the main hall was completely filled with people.

What did you present in TechEd ?

I’m working as a developer in the team that makes SAP applications run on SAP’s strategic database for extreme OLTP performance: Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE). Here at TechEd I’m giving lectures about the great TCO advantages you get with ASE, about our recently released HA/DR solution for ASE and I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to present the tools I’m personally spending most of my time on: The DBA Cockpit and Solution Manager’s Technical Monitoring.

We have a lot of customers here in India and their feedback is really helping us in improving our product and planning our future development.

Did you to attend other workshops? Which is the best you attended ?

The first day was fully packed as I had two sessions, was answering questions at the SAP database solution booth and then there was the great evening event with the celebration of 10 years of SCN and DemoJam. So far I had no chance to attend any other sessions but I have some on my agenda. A session I really can recommend to every ASE DBA is RDP205 that will be held on Friday: It’s a crash course for Sybase DBAs who are new to the SAP Business Suite. It’s two hours packed with information you most likely cannot get anywhere else.