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Community Manager

Are you already packing your bags for Amsterdam to attend SAP TechEd 2013? If you’re planning to be there for the conference, the first thing to do before you go is to enter your SCN ID in your TechEd registration, if you haven't already done so. It’s very easy—just follow these instructions.

Once you’re at the conference in Amsterdam, be sure to come by the Clubhouse on the show floor (Tuesday through Thursday) to dress up your attendee badge with stickers of the missions you've earned here on SCN, like this (sorry for the grainy photo quality--where's martin.gillet2 with that great camera when I need him!):

Of course, badge bling is not the only reason to stop by the Clubhouse. As krysten.bradley2 explains in her blog post, you’ll want to visit the SCN Is 10 history wall (yes, SAP Community Network is 10 years old this year!), sip some espresso from the coffee lounge, play some foosball, and get your (free) photo taken for your SCN profile while you’re there.

Several members of the SCN team will be supporting the Clubhouse in Amsterdam, and we are always eager to meet our community members face to face. Come meet me (oddss),  jeanne.carboni, marilyn.pratt, jason.cao, gali.klingschneider, gail.moody-byrd, and oxananoa.zubarev. Let’s talk community!

And as I mentioned at the beginning, you can pick up sticker versions of the SCN badges you’ve earned, plus an additional one just for stopping by the Clubhouse (be sure to get your badge scanned so we’ll know you’ve been there).

We’ll also have some nice SCN stickers available (one per person—while supplies last).

And while you’re in Amsterdam, take lots of good notes on what you learn in the education sessions. You’ll want to turn those notes into blog posts on SCN so you can qualify for the SAP TechEd Share the Knowledge mission. Read more about that mission in this post by christina.miller.

OK, time to pack my own bags and get ready to fly. See you there!