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Community Manager
Community Manager

In case you haven't already heard about (and hopefully registered for) SAP TechEd 2021, there are so many exciting activities, workshops, tracks, etc to choose from!

Personally, one of my favorite parts of SAP Events are the in-person after parties and meetups that give everyone a chance to chat about the event in a more casual setting. While we would love to see everyone in person, the SAP Community team is bringing this to you virtually!

Here is your chance to meet up with Channel 1 moderators and other SAP TechEd attendees in an interactive space for everyone to recap highlights from SAP TechEd and share your own experiences from this year's event.

Event Info: November 18, 2021 @ 5pm CET (directly after Channel 1 ends).

When you first join the event, you will be in a waiting room until the host starts the call. From there, you will be admitted to in the main "Bar" area where you will be able to select which 'room' you want to join to further network and talk with other attendees. An SAP Community team member will be in each of the breakout areas to help you move from room to room, so we encourage you to join new rooms & hop around (almost like you would in person). Meetup 'Rooms' include:

  • Entry Area, "Bar", where you can scope out and select other rooms to join

  • The "Lounge" area to chat and network with Channel1 moderators

  • A "Backstage" all-access area for discussions related to the keynote and other SAP TechEd highlights

  • The VIP area - exclusively for the Origami Challenge winners & participants to have an opportunity to recap their own experiences with this challenge and learn a bonus origami fold

for our special After Event Meet-Up with Channel1 moderators
to network and engage with others who also attended SAP TechEd!

We're excited to see you there!