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This is just a moment - in time - to reflect.  

I want to thank everyone who was at the session I had the pleasure of giving on Tuesday.    I was really happy at the attendance.   I hosting an expert networking session today.   The turn out was amazing.

ABAP, I mean, not HANA, not mobile, not the latest and greatest.   And I'm at Teched.  No one will come right?

Well time and time again, I get surprised, and I shouldn't be.   I tend to lean on the side of "simple", "quick", "easy", "tips" when I create sessions.  In other words just simple ABAP.   I haven't really given anything too fancy lately.   Sometimes I feel like the turtle in the race.  And I wonder if I have anything left to share.  Will people show up to my sessions?  Will I reach at least one person who may have not heard about something - well anything really - in my session?

And then!   And then something amazing happens.   I have a session, and people come.   I do an expert networking session expecting just a couple of people and get a lot.  

So what does that tell me?

It tells me many things really.   We all have tips, tricks, and things we use everyday that someone has not heard about yet.   So share them...  I'm trying to share what I know.   We all have access to Google, SCN and many many other sites may have the same information that we do - but they may not say it in the same way that you would.

It tells me that there are many, many, many of us out there using "older" type skills.  (not really old)  I guess I mean nothing  fancy.  OK - sometimes we do fancy things.   Cool things, and things we want to share.  But when I think about it.   An ABAP tip can be like gold to me.  If I can do something faster - how cool is that?   I learned many new tips today.   I learned about customizing code generated by the table maintenance generator.   AND not losing it.   That one was a BIG win for me.  I learned about different function modules I had never heard of.   I re-learned about  parallel processing.

It tells me - Old skills?  Yes, we still need them.  Of course, we are still learning.  We love to learn about all the great new things.  But we love to learn new things about the skills we are using NOW.

It tells me that I should still give a session now and then.   I love sharing some of the things I have done.   I love the ins and outs.  I love all the ways to make it easier.  I love talking with the crazy people that love ABAP.

It tells me that Teched is a wonderful place.  Yes, I am constantly working to learn.  Learn new skills.  YES!  Now that is fun.  That is the brand new sports car  that I can only drive at certain times.  I like to keep the old skills as fine tuned as I can.  Maybe not as fun, but needed.   That is the car that you drive every day to work.   You better believe I keep that as fine tuned as I can.

Thank you all for coming to my sessions!   I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed seeing you there.   I plan on putting all my tips and tricks out on SCN somewhere as soon as I get back to the real world.  (That means work.  Something I look forward to almost every day - I love to develop.)   I'll write ANOTHER blog with a link to them.   As always, feel free to E-mail me.

And do - if you haven't - fill out that evaluation for those people that present.  I know I use them as a way to help me improve!!!!  (I had to add that.)  :smile: