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Data & Analytics at SAP TechEd 2022

It’s that time of the year again – SAP TechEd is back! And this year you can decide whether you want to tune in virtually to enjoy the full variety of content or if you want to join the SAP TechEd Hands-On Lab in Las Vegas to participate in interesting workshops and to directly meet our experts in-person.

Our hybrid event will take place November 15-16, 2022 – so don’t miss to register in time with just a few clicks! Not yet convinced? Check out this blog post for everything you need to know about Data & Analytics @ SAP TechEd!


281738_QuestionMark_R_blue.png  What’s in it for me?

This is an easy question. SAP TechEd is THE event to get to know all the details about SAP’s latest announcements and innovations. But TechEd is not only about strategy and roadmaps. Our solution experts will also offer plenty of content about individual product features. Additionally, you will have the possibility to experience our solutions in hands-on sessions and to address your question directly to our experts.

And this year, SAP TechEd is finally back in Las Vegas. SAP TechEd Hands-on Lab is hosted at The Mirage in Las Vegas and focuses on workshops for intimate, immersive learning and gives you the possibility to meet our experts for open dialogues. Our virtual TechEd experience is accessible to everyone for free with strategy and developer keynotes, breakouts and lectures from experts, customers, and partners as well as live workshops. And to simplify your SAP TechEd experience even more, all virtual content is available on demand after the event.


283575_Data_Volume_R_blue (1).png Data & Analytics at SAP TechEd

SAP Data & Analytics solutions are the foundation of SAP’s Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise. Our tightly integrated Data & Analytics portfolio spans across Database, Data Management, Data Warehousing and Analytics & Planning. At this year’s SAP TechEd, the Data & Analytics track will feature four subtracks that address different Data & Analytics use cases:

  1.      Applying Data and Analytics End to End
  2.      Strategic Decision-Making through Planning and Analytics
  3.      Enterprise Data Management and Data Warehousing
  4.      Powering Enterprise Applications with Database Services

If you want to see all Data & Analytics sessions at a glance, click here and view our session catalog!

1. Applying Data and Analytics End to End
Interested in getting the most out of your SAP Data & Analytics solutions? Bringing together your data & analytics capabilities in end-to-end scenarios provides you the ultimate power to harness the full value of your data. Check out this subtrack and learn how SAP will continue to integrate its Data & Analytics solutions!

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

2. Strategic Decision-Making through Planning and Analytics
To get the most out of your data, it is not only necessary to analyze your data, but it is also required to plan your future business. Check out this subtrack to explore how SAP combines business intelligence, enterprise planning and predictive analytics in one single solution and how SAP tightly connects analytics into business processes.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

3. Enterprise Data Management and Data Warehousing
Data Management and Data Warehousing are two tightly connected disciplines. This is why this track demonstrates how SAP combines Data Management & Data Warehousing to govern, prepare and model all kinds of data.  

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

4. Powering Enterprise Applications with Database Services
More and more organizations are looking at cloud databases to benefit from greater scalability and flexibility. This subtrack will explain how to move your on-premise workloads to the cloud and how to leverage SAP’s Database as a Service offering as a foundation for Application Development.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

282049_CrossroadsDirection_R_blue.pngRegistration and further information

Can’t wait for SAP TechEd in 2022? Don’t forget to register yourself TODAY and prepare your personal experience. Also, make sure to explore all relevant information and all available tracks at the official event homepage to get to know SAP’s vision of Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprises!

And to prepare yourself in the best possible way, have a look at the SAP Discovery Center and learn how to adopt SAP Business Technology Platform with easy to consume use cases, step-by-step guidance and well-established support from topic experts and the SAP community. For example, check out the two interesting use cases below to make yourself familiar with how other organizations have already applied SAP Data & Analytics solutions:

The SAP TechEd experience this year is tightly coupled with our use cases. The event page will be updated end of October to showcase 10 use cases (including the 2 highlighted above) and provide related SAP TechEd sessions that explain more about the specific products or services that support you through implementation. Check back to see which related sessions might spike your interest.

Do you have any additional questions or want to leave some feedback? Just drop a comment or feel free to reach out to me!


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