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SAP Teched in the days past.   I'm in my house looking at the storming weather.   Ha!  No airport for me.  No worries about flight delays.  I am thinking I would be in Houston by now.   Getting ready to get blown away by all the "new" stuff.  Not just the new stuff, but the old stuff used in a new way.   Stuff?   That's a technical word.

I would have packed my bags taken extra time off of work and flown to a new place.   It would have racked up quite a bill just being in the hotel.   The bill would continue to grow with good food.   Now my company would be out some money plus my worktime plus the actual cost of Teched.

This year:

Pandemic - just one word you all have heard enough about it.   Suffice to say no one needs to hear more.  Have you been in an airport lately?  Yes, I have.  It's crazy.  But hopefully it's safer than it was.  However, they are now back to full planes.

So Teched is virtual.   I'm going to miss seeing people.   Talking to old friends and new.  Running from session to session...  <Big sigh>


I bet we'll see more people join!   YES!!!!  Big smile.

It cost my company nothing.  Why because SAP Teched is my Disney World and yes, I took 3 days off.

I hope..

So I hope to see you virtually!   For now, Big HI / Hello a handshake from me to you!   If you have time leave a comment.  But more importantly join! Enjoy at least one session!

My personal plug for the sessions I'll be involved in, well see my old blog post.

Last Teched post from me until after I go to sessions  - then I'll flood you with blog posts.