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SAP TechEd 2013 - Now and an exciting future

TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas was an exciting TechEd to attend. This has been my 6th TechEd and first time not speaking.

I found this TechEd to be invigorating with all of the new technology which has matured in the past 4 years. With the likes of SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Portal, SAP Mobile Portal, SAP Personas, SAP Fiori, SAP UI5, New Theme Designer, and much more.

It’s exciting where SAP is moving to in the future. Coming from a web development background, the UI flexibility and customization is outstanding what SAP is providing.

I met many exciting and new SAP people from various departments and technologies. I also managed to meet a handful of customers.

One of the many things I liked about TechEd

The Demo Jam competition was an awesome display of what you can do with SAP HANA.

There was the bathroom finder at a football game the app was called Crowdify, there was a real-time dashboard, there was a smartwatch to make CRM effective utilizing SAP HANA and cloud technology, there was Quantum Fit an app that demonstrated live data streams while running on a treadmill, there was USS Enterprise app of virtual reality which won the grand prize, but my favorite was the drums scenario where analytics which sent every beat to the laptop and an SAP HANA platform which rendered on the screen.

There were so many hot and exciting topics to choose from. I was clashed with which topics to choose, but I managed.  Here are some sessions which I thought was interesting to me. Believe me I wanted to attend to others, but they overlapped with the sessions I selected. All of these sessions, I enjoyed, but the SAP Fiori hands-on session I really enjoyed. I gained experience on building SAP Fiori with SAPUI5.

  • EXP10182 - SAP HANA Modeling Insights
  • SPK9806 - Use UI Integration Services in HANA XS App Development
  • EXP10734 - On Premise, Managed or Cloud? Which is the right portal for you?
  • SPK9685 - Consuming your SAP NetWeaver Portal on mobile devices
  • EXP10269- Design, User Experience & SAP Fiori
  • SPK10418 - SAP Fiori – Technology Behind the Scenes TEC108-Integrate Cloud Solutions Using SAP HANA Cloud Integration 
  • POP207 - SAP HANA Cloud Portal – Deep Dive
  • CD110 - Rock with SAPUI5
  • EXP10317 - Theming and branding of SAP applications
  • CD111 - SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – Today and Tomorrow
  • EXP11194 - Mobile Platform: Building and Selling Mobile Apps on SAP Mobile Platform
  • SPK9883 - Q&A: SAP HANA Modeling
  • TEC873 - Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • POP163 - Integration of SuccessFactors Applications via SAPHANA Cloud Integration
  • SIS101 - Securing SAP HANA Cloud Applications – An Overview
  • EXP10516 - A glimpse of the Future - How Personas scripting evolves
  • EXP10287 - Cloud onboarding and integration with SAP rapid deployment solutions
  • CJ06 - Featured Session: My first HTML5 Mobile app
  • EXP10579 - SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori
  • SPK9512 - Q&A: Understanding Performance in SAP HANA database
  • SPK10086 - Q&A: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe - Mobile and Cloud
  • POP205 - SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.4 – What's New and Recommendations for Upgrade
  • TEC217 - SAP Fiori – Technology Behind the Scenes
  • TEC107 - Extending SAP’s Cloud Solutions
  • POP104 - SAP HANA Cloud Integration – An Update from Product Development
  • CD168 - Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5

What customers have said …

During one of the SAP Personas sessions I attended. I had the privilege of speaking with two customers one was from a food industry company and the other was from a news media company. Both of these customers were excited about the SAP Personas as to how you can make the SAP dynpro screens

to look more like a website, to make the usability to their end users friendlier, and the ability to diminish “clicks” or steps from the normal every day usage of their users. They believe this tool will make productivity better by easeand time saved.

These customers mentioned everything that was presented at TechEd 2013 is impressive, and SAP was heading in the right direction towards the future.

In Conclusion 

I believe SAP is now at the beginning stages of setting the right trends for the future. I had a privilege of attending TechEd 2013, and was grateful of having access to these sessions and hands-on sessions. 

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