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A few weeks ago I had the chance to participate at the SAP Tech Ed 2019 in Barcelona. It's been many years since the last time I had this possibilities, and the world has changed a lot: SAP has become more "open" with the SAP HANA platform, Cloud is the new trending word and it doesn't scare so much anymore...

So, what it's important to take home from SAP Tech Ed 2019?

I went to Barcelona to understand what is the roadmap from SAP about Datawarehouse, BI, Business Analytcs and Machine Learning

Therefore, I'll write down a simple list:

  1. Strategy from SAP: SAP is a "cloud-first" company. The innovation will arrive first in the cloud, and then on prem

  2. Value = Amount * Quality * Usage . This is the real mantra from SAP. How to get Value?

    1. Amount: you have SAP Hana Cloud to manage all the data you need

    2. Quality: you'll get it with SAP Datawarehouse Cloud (the new Universe /Information Design Tool in  cloud, the Data Virtualization answer of SAP).

    3. Usage: you'll get it with SAP Analytics CloudThat's the promise from SAP, and they are actively working on it

  3. Don't be afraid of SAP Data Hub: SAP DH isn't going to replace any other EIM tool of SAP. It's a powerful addition, for Data Orchestration and Metadata cataloging. Innovation will arrive first in the cloud for SAP Data Hub, and then on prem. You haven't lost what you have invested in many years of implementation of SAP Data Services, Information Steward, and so on...

    1. SAP Data Intelligence is the Data Scientist playground on top of SAP DH on cloud. And it's cool!

  4. SAP BusinessObjects working even more closely with SAC: SAP BO isn't dead, and SAP will continue to support it until at least 2027. And they are working on it, reaching parity of UX and L&F between SAP BO and SAC, and the Web Intelligence Data Model will leverage years of investment in WebI to be accessed from SAC and not only.

    1. SAC has some major investment, the features that are going to be added are many...the most relevant IMHO are the scheduling feature and the new add-on for Excel (Called SAP Analytics Cloud for Office), in order to leverage both SAP Planning capabilities and Excel easiness of use.. in the same way we've done with SAP BPC.

What has hitten your mind in SAP Tech Ed?What have you noticed as a major game changer/a horse to bet for the next years? Write it in the comments below! 🙂