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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Today was a BIG day for SAP Screen Personas. Throughout the day, this new personalization solution received lots of attention and generated a great deal of customer interest. Here’s a rough timeline of how the day unfolded.

8:00 AM

Keynote Presentation

11:00 AM

Expert Networking Session with Damean Chen of Brown Forman

8:00 PM

Opening Act at Demo Jam

All day
(and well into the night)

Conversations with customers, partners, SAP Mentors, and colleagues about SAP Screen Personas


SAP Executive Board Member, Dr. Vishal Sikka, mentioned SAP Screen Personas in his TechEd keynote presentation. It was in the context of his discussion about SAP’s three imperatives.

Vishal then introduced Sam Yen as SAP’s new Global Head of Design and UX. As part of his portfolio of new approaches to improve usability, Sam mentioned SAP Screen Personas and then showed two SAP screens. The first was the standard SAP start screen (SMEN transaction). The second was after modification using SAP Screen Personas (see below). He talked about how this solution empowers end-users and invited the audience of more than 5000 people to see a demo of SAP Screen Personas at that evening’s Demo Jam session.

Expert Networking Session

damean-bf.chenof Brown Forman (right in image below) shared his experiences with SAP Screen Personas to a standing room only session. He too focused on empowering end users and giving them easy ways to consume SAP. He also answered many questions about how this solves the problems he faces with his end-users.

In addition, Product Owner, sebastian.steinhauer(left), and Chief Architect, tobias.queck(center), explained the technical details of the solution and showed specific features on a live demo system. There we many questions from the audience about functionality, security, the underlying technology, how to deploy, user training, and compatibility.

Demo Jam

The highlight of the day was Demo Jam. The top five Demo Jam teams created demos using a variety of SAP Technology. It was amazing to witness the creativity of how people can innovate with NetWeaver Cloud, HANA, mobile devices, and some other hardware to impress the capacity crowd. And, as with all live demos, there was the chance that something would go wrong. Host Ian Kimball made it a very entertaining evening.

My friends and colleagues Tobias and Sebastian had the opportunity to warm up the audience by presenting SAP Screen Personas. Of course, they followed the strict 6-minute demo format. A surprise special guest, SVP of SAP Imagineering, Denis Browne, did the demo live, using only drag-and-drop skills to create a screen that was both functional and beautiful.

For other perspectives on the day’s events, search Twitter for #SAPScreenPersonas.

We have several more Expert Sessions at TechEd if you want to see a live demo and ask us questions.

Come back to SCN soon to see more information about SAP Screen Personas, including demos, architecture, and customer stories.

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