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Originally posted by Mark Bradley on his blog as "Gateway over PowerBuilder".

*PowerBuilder's support of OData via Netweaver will also be demonstrated during the PBDC @ SAP TechEd October 15-19

I [Mark] was delighted to be involved in the SAP Innojam event in Melbourne in August. With the support of my SAP colleagues in engineering, I was able to present Gateway over PowerBuilder to show how far the integration of PowerBuilder and Netweaver Gateway technologies has progressed. PowerBuilder is famous for rapid application development and for its innovative graphical DataWindow® technology. The presentation at the Innojam event provided a taste of PowerBuilder DataWindow features and a glimpse of the new OData capabilities to be included  in the next release of PowerBuilder.

Tech Fire presentations were kept very short and in the effort to keep time, some content was left out in my presentation. It is my pleasure to provide the full presentation on Gateway over PowerBuilder here.

This presentation is a snapshot of the WorkFlow demo originally created by the PowerBuilder engineering team and credit must go to Watson Zhou and Hong-wu Luo from the PowerBuilder R&D team in Beijing, China for providing the software and technical support. The WorkFlow demo illustrates the new OData Service feature and Web Services REST methods to enable rapid development of Gateway over PowerBuilder applications.

Please note that all references to new features in the next release of PowerBuilder shown or stated in this presentation should be regarded as 'tentative' or 'subject to change'.

1. The PowerBuilder 15 .NET IDE (Click images for larger versions.)

2. The Gateway Service WorkFlow URL and ApplyDecision Method

3. Create a new DataWindow

4. Select an OData Service

5. Graphical selection of Gateway collections and attributes

6. Preview Gateway Service data presentation

7. Create a REST client to update Gateway data

8. Specify REST Service URL and Gateway ApplyDecision Method

9. Specify Proxy Object name

10. WorkFlow application retrieves data on opening

The WorkFlow demo application executes REST methods via the command buttons to approve or reject workflow requests.

Please note that all references to new features in the next release of PowerBuilder shown or stated in this presentation should be regarded as 'tentative' or  'subject to change'.

PowerBuilder will be presented again at future SAP Innojam events. [And this demonstration at the PowerBuilder Developer Conference (PBDC) @ SAP TechEd] I encourage all SAP Innojam attendees both present and future to try PowerBuilder and discover how quick it is to consume Gateway Services and create rich user experiences with SAP PowerBuilder .NET IDE and NetWeaver Gateway.